120v outdoor lighting, dual poser source 150w light


Thanks for the update. First, you have raw smarts but you are scattered, not able to describe what you want succinctly - and you seem to have no knowledge of code electrical, this stuff can kill you and burn your house down (with the lemons). You need to learn its pecularities (there are many) before you attempt to homebrew anything like this. Like I say, for smart people, knowledge is cheap. Learn more, work less, rather than the other way 'round.

The home automation field is rapidly evolving, and I'd search it to see if someone has already solved your problem. I bet they have. Then you can install a listed, code legal solution without a lot of work.

If you have to homebrew it, it's straightforward with 2 relays, though, that'll be a lot of wire. It can be done properly with one relay but you really need to know what you're doing with neutrals and grounds, in the Code...

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I have a dark back patio and every time I walk around the back, I could not see anything and had to guess mostly where the door nob is so I can unlock it. I used the solar lights, but they did not give me much light at all. So I put in this product which was inexpensive and easy to install. I just took out my floodlight and put the product in. As you see the picture, it is on the left where the shinny part is. My only problem was that my flood light was going straight up. So I had to adjust the motion sensor so I could screw it into the Light socket and get it past the wall. But once I did that, I screwed the light bulb in the right side of what you see in the picture. I now leave my light switch on and when I walk around the back of the house, the flood light turns on. It is exactly what I...

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Decorate your Ark with 7 types of craftable "Solar Powered" outdoor lighting sets that have 7 settable colors. Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta & White. Also includes "Crystal Light". (not the drink) & 1 Admin spawn only item, "Black" Light

All items including crafter can be picked up and re-placed without demolish.

Lights turn on and off automatically around sunrise and sunset. Except Crystals.

100% Clean & Stackable! Adds 7 new items, only 1 engram. +1 Admin spawn only item.

New items & crafting costs:

Light Crafter - Mini version of the fabricator where lights are crafted. Blueprints are inside.
Metal Ingot x40
Cementing Paste x25
Sparkpowder x55
Crystal x20
Oil x15
Flood Light
Metal ingot x5
Crystal x10
Electronics x5
Angler Gel x1
Spot Light
Metal Ingot x5
Crystal x10
Electronics x5
Angler Gel x1
Multi Light
Polymer x10
Crystal x15
Electronics x5
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DJL 120V 150W Lamp

$75.00 Each

Discontinued-Limited Stock Available-Check Stock Here Before Ordering

Lamps ordered will be shipped the next business day by USPS Priority Mail or UPS. Large orders may qualify for a discount and may not qualify for next day shipment. If you do not know what lamp you require or for lamps not listed, email your request or call 336-882-2854. To order, please use our secure shopping cart above or call 336-882-2852 or 800-692-3051. Click to go to our Home Page, View Cart and to find Shipping Information.

Watts: 150W, 150 Watt Watts
Volts: 120V, 120 Volt Volts
Base: 4-Pin/G17q
Glass: T-14 T14
Filament: CC-8 CC8
Maximum Overall Length: 3.5 Inches
Average Rated Life: 15 Hours
Color Temperature: 3150°K
Typical Working Distance: 8mm at 1.75"

Alternate Part Numbers: 59 29338 8mm Projection Lamp, 8722, PN 452072

Argus, Inc.

356A, 357A ...
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Какие светильники для сада бывают?

Существует четыре вида осветительных приборов – это декоративные, архитектурные, охранные и функциональные. Последний вариант предназначен для безопасного передвижения по территории дачи. Такие уличные светильники должны быть у всех дачников. Охранные садовые светильники создают эффект присутствия для отпугивания нежелательных гостей. Все остальные уличные светильники украшают необходимые зоны и подчеркивают их формы и детали. Декоративные уличные светильники бывают разных форм, расцветок, размеров. С их помощью можно не только правильно подать свет, но и украсить территорию не тратя личных средств на статуэтки.

Какие светильники нужны для моего сада?

Если речь идет о декорировании дорожек, тропинок, лужаек с цветами, водоемов, статуэток, тогда ландшафтные светильники справятся с этим лучше остальных. Такие садово-парковые светильники очень часто используют дизайнеры в своей работе. Они правильно подают свет на объект, не...

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Where Outdoor Lighting Works Best

Exterior lighting has the ability to make a great first impression to your guests before they even enter the home. Outdoor pendants and entry lights create this first impression, greeting friends and family at the door with both welcoming illumination and an introduction to the home's design and personality. Where hanging a light on the front porch isn't an option, look to the creative and functional flushmounts and other close-to-ceiling lights. Outdoor wall lights are another way to provide the necessary light, brightening the perimeter of the home as well as the outer entry, and even creating an added illusion of height if they're intended to graze the walls with uplighting. You can also use a couple outdoor wall sconces on either side of the garage door. In the backyard, fun outdoor portable lamps, torches and accessory lighting allow you to keep the outdoor entertaining going long after the sun sets. Finally, if it is a sense of...

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