2 lights, 2 switches intermittently go on and off at the same time


Hi all!

I've been playing around with arduinos for around one year, and I got a couple of projects completed. This one is one of them. I'm experimenting in a little greenhouse with different light cycles for my plants and I developed my own timer using an arduino and a relay board with for relays. I use them to turn lights on and off, a CO2 valve and a fan. I have designed my program using a fairly simple approach:

// Pin 13 has an LED connected on most Arduino boards.
// give it a name:
int light1 = 2;
int fan = 3;
int light2 = 4;
int valve = 5;

// the setup routine runs once when you press reset:
void setup() {
// initialize the digital pin as an output.
pinMode(light1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(fan, OUTPUT);
pinMode(light2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(valve, OUTPUT);

// the loop routine runs over and over again forever:
void loop() {
digitalWrite(light1, LOW);

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I find it both likely and also difficult to believe that the switches were wired incorrectly and no one ever caught it. How old is the home? If they are not misswired, then one of the switches has gone bad, or a wire has come loose. But you said they appear to be tightly connected.

Here's what to do:
Pull all three switches out of the box so you can clearly see the wires and where they go inside the boxes.
Take a notation of the colors and cable combinations.

You will most likely have 1 switch with a feed from black wires going to the black screw (probably down stairs) the two brass screws of that switch should have black and red in a cable together along with a white neutral.

Then the next switch that those wires run to will be a 4 way switch with 4 screws. It should have just 2 cables with the whites wirenutted together, and two reds, two blacks to the switch.
4 ways typically have wire diagrams on the back side, but vary from manufacturer, some...

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It could be the fan - though I wouldn't describe the fan noise as a buzzing noise - it's most definitely a loud fan noise. My SMax has always done this and it is a definite high pitched electronic buzzing noise that is on for about 30 seconds then goes off then comes back on again intermittently with a crisp relay click sound when it switches on and off. I asked about this alot when the car was new (to me) and the dealership, as usual, were about as much use as a slap in the face with a wet fish. I have done frantic googling and querying other self-proclaimed specialists, but still not got a satisfactory answer or explanation. What I have managed to establish is that it is not a fault, is normal, has done it since i've had the car (now 6 years old) so i've just learned to ignored it.

Various suggestions i've had are that it is the climate control vent servo's closing the climate control vents. This is BS as the noise is intermittent and goes on for some time after the car is...

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Rudy Ram?: I have a 2007 Jeep Commander which after reading all the comments seems to be the most notorious with the dashboard flickering glitch. my Jeep dashboard lights would come on and go away once in awhile for about 2 months before my starter and alternator went bad at the same time and left me stranded on the freeway. once I replace both of them the car work just fine for another three months before the issue started again and caused my battery to go bad. I replace the battery which gave me another two months before the glitch started again which has me worried about what's going to go bad now. if someone figures out the root cause please reply back, I will sure appreciate it.

Martin Medina: I found a pack of rabbit pygmy gerboas in the vents. they would do run around my feet and run up my pant legs tickling my balls!

KCgo2girl101: Yes blinking dash lights happened on my tan, 2006 Commander, ~70,000 somes miles on it. Also, the AC went to crap one time but that's b/c...

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Hey There Everyone,

I've been trying to deal with a problem here at my office for a couple of weeks now and im not getting anywhere.

Hoping someone here can shed some light on the issue im having.

Here is my setup:

Internet In -> Eth 1

Local -> switch0 (eth2, 3, 4)
Local 2 -> eth0

Coming off the switch0 interface i have an AP running on POE and a 48 port switch with about 10 clients.

Everyday without fail we are losing connection to the router on the switch0 interface.

Having contacted the ISP to confirm all is well. This has been confirmed, uptime of the connection from their end has been for monthss Wireless clients maintain connection to AP but no access to router. Ethernet clients to router on interface switch0 lose connection the same time wireless clients lose connection. Single client connected on interface eth1 maintains connection to router and outside world while clients on switch0 interface lose connection ...
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Thanks for the reply , not sure by what you mean "main power leads" ?

Back to when we were remodeling . The dining and kitchen are basically one room, so the Mrs. wanted to be able to dim the lights in both kitchen and dining room.
I put dimmers in for both light switches , being that the light bulbs in both areas are not the standard incandescent bulbs, the lights in the kitchen are led in the recessed halo housing X 4 and the dining light has two of those low wattage curled bulbs in the one fixture. The dimmer switches were/are for those type bulbs I asked and made sure of that.

We noticed it was just the dining light that started to do the flickering ,dimming a few months back , just in the last week or so the other lights had started doing the same thing, but last night was the first time the lights actually went out for barely a second or so then came back on, after doing this on and off over a period of about 2 hours , we were shutting one light at a time seeing if...

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Remember Feeler Gauges? Gently slide a lubricated 4 thou feeler gauge under the emblem, carefully push it through the adhesive. Do it again slightly further round. When you've done about a third, move up to a 6 thou gauge (easier, more sturdy). When you've done about half, use a thin bladed screwdriver to lever it up a bit (I padded mine with some thin plastic). You can then easily cut through the rest of the pad. Took less than 10 minutes, and no marks on hood at all. I then removed remainder of adhesive pad with on old face cloth and petrol (not recommended I know, but that is all I had to hand). Worked a treat. Less than 15 minutes after starting, a perfect finish.

Thanks to Rob for contributing to this FAQ!

The easiest way to remove your faded emblems is to use a cordless drill or power screwdriver and screw in a 1/2" wood screw until it bites firmly into the emblem. Then take some pliers, get a good grip on the screw and yank that emblem off. Clean up the...

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Help with wall timer connections.

I just tried connecting a WOODs electrical switch timer to replace my current wall switch (it has 4 switches). It has black, white, red and green wires. My home was built in the late 90s and i have a black, red and white wire outlet with a plastic housing. After connecting one black to black, one black to red, closing off the green (since it has a plastic housing), and white to the white bundle (there was a bundle of white wires that were just closed off), the timer wouldnt switch on. I reversed the black to black and black to red, and the timer still wouldnt switch on. I then noticed a white wire going to one of the other switches in the outlet so i spliced it and connected my white to that white. The timer came on but it makes a switching noise and the porch lights blink intermittently every second. I disconnected the white and it stopped blinking but stopped working all together. I reconnected it and the blinking started again. i...

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