Add slope to existing flat porch/balcony


Existing balcony wall and rail is rendered blue board, solid but cracking and lifting around edges. Need to build a window sill approx 220mm wide on existing ledge in prep for windows and shutters to be installed by others. Ledge/rail approx 8m long in total. Sill needs to have lip to cover lifting of blue board 70mm below current ledge and also need to secure and cover lifting render/blue board on right angle corners of external of balcony about 1300mm height x 2 corners. Material may be timber, aluminum or whatever believed best, ideally painted white for sill and matched to render color for corners. Structural materials and paint paid for by me but sourced by...

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1. At the edge area, BARA-RK is positioned into a layer of mortar. Prefabricated corner pieces are available for inside and outside corners. Abut the ends of the profile, leaving an approximate 3/16" (5 mm) joint. Cover the joint with the clip-on connector.

2. Balcony and terrace surfaces shall be filled with mortar to the height at which the mortar bed’s reinforcement wire is placed. The reinforcing mesh (2" x 2" (50 x 50 mm); 16/16 wire) must overlap the anchoring leg of the profile.

3. To establish the correct plane for the setting bed, the mortar is applied at the appropriate height and slope using the upper edge of BARA-RK as a screeding guide. If DITRA or DITRA-XL is to be installed, the screed is leveled 1/8" (3 mm) or 5/16" (7 mm), respectively, below the top of the profile and carefully compacted.

4. TROBA or TROBA-PLUS must be incorporated as a drainage layer between the waterproofing layer and the mortar bed. BARA-RK effectively conceals the gap...

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REFERRENCE: http://www(dot) homedit(dot)com/what-is-the-difference-b...

A porch is basically an attached section to the house which is open to the outside air and is covered with a roof. It is usually at the street level, and a house can feature a front porch as well as a back porch. In addition, porch is usually employed as a living space and people use it for casual seating purposes.

A balcony is a small platform that protrudes from a wall of an upper apartment floor and is usually enclosed by a railing. It must be clarified that unlike the patio, balcony is not at the street level. A balcony is usually never employed as a social space, but is basically designed for outdoor ambience purpose.

A veranda is typically an open, large, long gallery, usually covered with a roof and supported by pillars. It must be mentioned that in most of the cases, verandas usually extend equally on all the sides of the structure. Verandas are usually associated with large and expensive...

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aloha, What deck post are you talking about?

here's what hubby volunteered when I asked him to look at this thread again:

Deck posts? Does he mean the columns holding up the overhead cover?
I'm not trying to be picky or a know it all but Deck posts to me are what holds a wood deck off the ground below - I just want to be sure I'm addressing the right thing.

Its not uncommon in residential construction to set patio roof support posts right onto the concrete patio - the last house we had was done like this (redwood columns) and they lasted about 15 years. The bottoms started to show
signs of deterioration but the patio cover didn't sag.

Its also a somewhat common practice to wrap the column in roofing felt and put it down into the concrete - I've seen that done in commercial applications also. If there is any movement in the column (wind moving the overhead structure) I would think this method could allow the column to crack the...

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kendog2, all your questions are good, and I would trust you to get the right answers, not overthink anything, and be good project manager. I'd buy anything you built, and I'd hire you to oversee a project I couldn't oversee. You are asking good questions with the right attitude.

Let me know what key words you use to search for liquid-applied rubbery waterproofing membranes like REDGARD or many others. Some membranes have other purposes, like e.g. to waterproof basement walls, so just keep that in mind when you search. There's a company called "Noble" that has a few products, one of them is like Redgard. I forget its name. Many others are out there; distribution is not coast to coast.

I especially like your ability to think for yourself when you said that installing Kerdi seems like more work than the easy task they make it out to be. At one world-famous web site, anyone who is a key player gets free product from the site sponsor (through a third party), and then gets...

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This is a really good product.

Our floors were awful, cheap, wall-to-wall carpet installed after a house fire. The cheapest the insurance company could find.What with pets and normal wear over 10+ years, they needed to be replaced.

After the fire, the house got rained on through the ruined roof - tarps kept blowing away: standing water puddles on the floors; from thia snd the 40-year age of the house, the floor wasn't level enough for "click-together" planks - they un-clicked as soon as walked on, so I went with Allure, a dark wood plank pattern, right over the old, scarred plywood sub-floor. It's like one extra-thick sheet of vinyl from one end of the house to the other which just lies on the subflooring: SUPER!

I don't recall ANY problem with smell. Installation was easy. I did NOT use a roller, but I walked on each joint as soon as I got up from sticking then down.

I did the whole house in spring of 2008 - 7-1/2 years ago. The biggest part of the job...

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