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AC is designed to operate as a closed loop. If you have the windows open, you are drawing in humid, warm outside air and forcing your AC unit to "condition" that air as well. If you close the windows, the AC unit recirculates the air in the house, re
Portable air conditioners are designed so you can easily move them to any room of your home. They’re not installed in a window like room air conditioners, but use a flexible exhaust hose that carries the warm air from the room. This hose can be run t
In the past, we and other reviewers have grouped classes of portable air conditioners by their cooling capacity. More recent feedback indicates that that's not truly helpful, and we describe why below. Instead, you should consider whether you want a
How to Test & Check a Capacitor with Digital Multimeter and Analog AVO Meter. By five (5) Methods with pictorial Views. In Most Electrical and Electronics troubleshooting and repairing, we face this trouble that how to test and check a capacitor?
YES/NO. I could find two answers: no and yes. The no was marketed by manufacturers of large air purifiers containing full-blown HEPA while the yes by the below research on asthma, disabilities and seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Before you begin, make sure to pull out/turn off the serviceman switch, and/or turn off the breaker, to remove power to the unit. Once you open the unit, you'll want to discharge the capacitor(s). A charged capacitor can store enough energy to kill y
Sounds like the drain line is clogged with mold and mildew. You can have an AC repairman use a 'snake' to clean it out for a small fee (compared to major repair work). It should be done every 2 years at most
Our master bedroom is considerably warmer than the living/dining/kitchen area of our house, and we've been setting the thermostat quite lower than we'd like in order for the bedroom to get cool enough at night to sleep in. Upon exiting the bedroom in
I took photos of how my old thermostat was wired and was told the Nest would be compatible with my system. http://img547. imageshack