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It sounds like your air conditioner plug has a built in circuit breaker. If so, the breaker probably needs constant current to remain set, even when the unit is nominally off (a small trickle current is being used by the breaker and its light). If th
Check the thermal fuse and thermostats again to eliminate them as suspects. Both should be zero ohms at room temperature. If you eyed the entire duct system from lint filter to outside of the house for lint, then these are probably OK
The breaker box is located in the laundry room of the house, which itself is an air conditioned space. I bought the house in the summer and this winter the room has been extremely cold even when the rest of the rooms in the house are warm. Upon inves
I was to say that the tend started a few years ago, at least in the U. S. -- the issue isn't so much that it's a great place from a warm-air-rises view, it's an issue that floor registers just suck so much
On the AC side everything really needs to be changed R22 uses mineral oil based lubricants. R410a uses ester oil lubricants. Getting all the residue out would cost a bunch and these can’t be mixed
I've seen several unique installations of portable type air conditioners. The true difficulty comes as you need to have a separate location to exhaust, which will get both hotter and more humid. Fundamentally, an air conditioner is increasing the tem
I have a 3 ton R410A A/C unit that is 8 years old and is using copper lines that are too small. Does this cause leaks, diaphragm failure, and compressor failure? The air was not blowing cold, so I had the refrigerant refilled. It works better but onl
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The vast majority of air conditioners have an on/off circuit for the compressor and a simple "high/medium/low/off" control for the fan. Units with knobs (i. e
Customer: replied 7 years ago. I agree that it sounds like a potential miswire somewhere. When the house temp is real cold (low-mid 60s), apparently the furnace is not kicking in properly when it should