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You need to find out why the cooling efficiency is slightly lower. Offhand, I'd guess it's a clogged filter. If it's low on gas, it will freeze up the coil and produce less water (and not work very well), but a whole bunch should come out when it shu
This is a very ignorant question, I know, but after reading several mini-split product descriptions I'm still confused. I already have an adequate heating system. I need air conditioning and central air is too expensive
I think what I'd do is try and spread the load across several columns and several rows. I'd get myself some lumber, say 2x6 pine/fir, and stain and seal it. I'd run two 48" lengths vertically behind the mounting plates of the bar, with the bulk of th
Sounds like contactor chatter. Could be a bad contactor, or not enough power on the coil. Basically, the contactor is closing and opening really quickly
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I need to install a window air conditioner in my master bedroom. However, the only suitable window there is a horizontal sliding window. To complicate things more, I need to place it on top, since my king size bed obstructs the lower part, as you can
An ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor in a squirrel cage blower Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors – Variable speed blower motors have become increasingly popular in residential air conditioning and heating systems and for good reason; these motors increa
You can't make your single-zone system behave like a 2-zone system just by changing the thermostat, unfortunately. What you're suggesting would be roughly equivalent to relocating the thermostat upstairs. To do this, you could either move your existi
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl. im/awk2e I am certified in A/C repair depends how old the unit is it old one its R-12 , most are R-22 R502, most likely R-22 the only Freon they have proved in 28 Nations that's bad is R-12