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AC filter was replaced (1PM) and afternoon temperatures exceeded 83 degrees (target temp). Afternoon temperatures climbed despite the AC being on 5 hours straight (4-9PM). Ice was observed at 10PM and fan was engaged to de-ice
The heating and cooling of your household can usually cost too much. However, with the rise of more efficient kinds of technology, this is not the case these days anymore. Installing a heat pump for your home will save you at least 30 percent of savi
Update: I should have stated that the plan was to repair the leak and continuously monitor the pressure to detect any future leaks. A recent decision was made to replace the heatpump. Installer indicates a pressure range of 20-120 PSI
If it's not an obvious mechanical failure, it could be (a) a problem with the controls or (b) a refrigerant leak. Symptoms of control problems would be the compressor not turning on or not staying on. You should be able to hear it turn on/off distinc
This is easily achieved with a mini-split unit for each room - that is also usually the most energy-efficent approach. There are split systems with a single outside unit feeding up to 4 separate inside units (perhaps more, but that's the most I've no
So I have a little design dilemma that I am hoping you can help me with today! I need to make a decision on what to do about cabinet doors/open shelving in my kitchen. (Before I move forward with painting the cabinets, replacing the hardware and hope
Last night I turned my AC down a couple degrees before going to bed. The AC was running at the time, so when I set the temp below the current temp, the blower turned off. After getting in bed, however, I could still hear the hum of the AC unit outsid
I recently bought a new air condition. The guy who came to install it in my bedroom used PVC glue to joint two pipes the one of the air condition with the outside one(instead he could use something else), .
In theory, this will work just fine if you provide a way to collect the condensed water from the evaporator (the finned heat exchanger where the working fluid is evaporated to take heat from the "indoor" air). However, note that the more efficient wi