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Any locksmith can tell you by looking at the key, if it has been poorly duplicated, or you can take a close-up or macro photo and post it here. If you're using the original key (it will have the full SCHLAGE name on it) then obviously a poorly-cut du
The cooker hood and extractor fan can seem like one of the trickiest spots to clean, with a build-up of fat and grease making a very sticky mess. But when your cooker hood is screaming for a cleaning, there’s no need to procrastinate – this step-by-s
I recently started getting into more DIY projects around the house and decided to make a fairly straight forward desk for my computers and monitors. This is a 3x6' desk with black metal pipes for legs. Being my first hands on project like this, I've
Choose a horizontal window to use for your new air conditioner. The window should be within reach of an electrical outlet and free of any obstructions that would block the airflow. Measure the window opening to make sure you purchase the right size a
My living room has one wall switch that feeds two different lights/ sconces . The switch has only two black wires on the side of the switch. one on the top and one to the bottom
Condensation is caused by the underside of the roofing getting colder than the dew point. To prevent this, you would need to insulate the underside and achieve a perfect air seal so that no humid air can bypass the insulation and touch the cold roof.
I woud not try the "cut out or smash one pane" approach. I might try removing the pane as a unit (yep, you're going to have to dis-assemble wherever it was "built in place" a little) and drilling the seal/separator full of holes to ventilate it - or
I think that the landlord is responsible, but sometimes it's necessary to do things yourself. .
It could have to do with the trip curves of the breakers, and/or the ambient temperature differences between panel locations. For example, let's say all the circuits on Phase A are drawing 3 times the rated current. The trip curve for these breakers,
1 Remove all sub panel covers or doors. 2 Measure about 5 feet (1. 5 m) from the floor to mark the spot where you will mount the panel