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I have an Aprilaire 600a humidifier from a few years ago and currently it's wired into my furnace with two control wires labeled "W/G" and "Cf". The "W/G" is connected to the W terminal on the furnace (call for heat). The "Cf" is connected to "C"
Unfortunately I found out our kitchen cabinets are only 23 inches deep. The sink is made for standard 24 inch deep cabinets. Any suggestions for installation? It looks like the sink can be used with a shallower cabinet frame as long as you don't mind
by yongfan Last Updated November 12, 2017 17:21 PM Old house build in 1958. City inspector ask me to replace outlet in bathroom and kitchen to gfci, and say he will check if wire correctly or not. When I connect gfci, there are two problem: 1
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Rita Totten So you’ve locked yourself out of your house. Now what? Ideally, you’ll already have given a spare house key to a trusted neighbor or friend for just such an occurrence. But if not, here are a few things to try: Ask for helpDo you live wit
A ticking noise in the water pipesIf you're hearing ticking noises coming from your walls, it's may be water pipes rubbing against the wooden, steel or brick structure of the house. Pipes expand and contract as the temperature of the water flowing th
by Trevor Last Updated March 03, 2016 03:09 AM I've been trying to get to the cartridge in my bathroom sink faucet handle. I took off the top part, but in order to get the cartridge out it looks like I have to take off the bottom part as well. I've t
I have four bathrooms in a two-story house. Two of them, one on the first floor and other right above it on the second floor, have knocking sounds when you flush the toilet and run cold water. It has … read more WCohn Journeyman Plumber Journeyman Li
****This answer pertains to wire color coding for North American electrical Standards. **** You can re-wire the fan to make it simple. The fan will have to be opened-up at the ceiling cover-plate
I need to mount a ceiling fan to a ceiling joist in a sloped ceiling. I recently installed an electrical box onto the joist for this. The problem I have now is that the ceiling fan bracket is intended to be bolted left-to-right whereas the mounting h