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It has to do more with the quality of the the 2x6s vs the 4x6. A 4x6 x 12 board would have to be clear all the way through, with no cracks or knots. Most softwood logs won't produce this board, and if it cracks, it is likely to break more easily vs t
I hate how the sand and fine dust blows around on our dairy farm's gravel driveway in the dry summer months. It's not reasonable to talk about blacktop due to the long driveway and the fact that it would get pummeled and potholed year-round by a huge
I need to install a window air conditioner in my master bedroom. However, the only suitable window there is a horizontal sliding window. To complicate things more, I need to place it on top, since my king size bed obstructs the lower part, as you can
Hello I'm having a problem with my GFCI outlet in my bathroom, it will not reset. There are 2 outlets connected to this GFCI, and neither are working now. I've tried reseting the switch as well as resetting all of the breakers on my breaker box, but
As far as I know, having two separate sinks served by a single trap is not code compliant. You will need to replace the existing sanitary tee on the stack (inside of the wall) with a double sanitary tee. Normally, these double tees are used for adjoi
Plumbing fittings come in all shapes and sizes, with each individual type being used for a specific purpose. Joints or elbows are commonly used, as well as tee and cross fittings. Most plumbing fittings are used to change the direction of the water's
Not usually, the spring will loose some tension, but not much. What CAN happen is the spring can break where it attaches to the pully, and in that case, you will loose all spring lift help. What I see happen more often is the opener needs lubrication
Briggs & Stratton engines are built to last, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into an engine problem from time to time. If you are experiencing trouble with your lawn mower or other outdoor power equipment small engine, it can often be linked
I'm hoping to keep this bridge to a 3' wide walkway with simple railings. I've found this site on building arched footbridges (he calls them "rainbow bridges"). If I went that way, it would be much more complex than just a flat bridge and I'd have th
Photo: Flickr On the Manhattan Brownstone project, Bob, Chris Vila, and architect Brian O’Keefe discovered an intact ceiling cornice that made them rethink plans to completely gut the interior space during demolition. Instead, they decided to keep th