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I have a leaking saddle valve that supplies water going to a humidifier
We redid our bathrooms and had an electrician come in and put in new wiring for outlets, heater/fan/lights and heated floors. He had to replace the electrical panel, because the house is older (1956) and didn't have enough space to accomplish the tas
The Tospo is a cheap Chinese ballast. To find ballasts, start with what bulbs will fit in the fixture (all the better if you have a bulb already). Then search for ballasts meant to drive that bulb (which also fit in your fixture)
Before I begin, I would like to request "call a technician" suggestions to stay off. I do know a nice guy who can look it up for me, for a variety or reasons, one of which being my general history of fixing stuff, I would like to take a first stab at
So let my start off by saying, the installation techs installed the valves backwards at first, so I was getting hot water out of my cold, never noticed that until my room mate was pissed at me for washing on hot because it was going to make our elect
Vinyl siding (along with steel) is fastened to your walls with nails that aren't fully set. This allows lateral movement when the siding expands and contracts due to temperature change. Ideally, the nails are set just snug enough to eliminate in-out
So I've recently moved in to a new house and the kitchen has two "blind cabinets" but no real good place to put my cat's food and water where it will be out of the way. So I got this brilliant idea that I could partition one of these blind corner cab
A luxurious feature offered on many modern ceiling fans is the wireless remote control. This feature offers full operation of the fan (and any light attachment) from any location within a reasonable distance. This can be especially useful in bedrooms
I am planning to build ceiling storage in garage. One side of it will be hanging from ceiling joist the other one will be attached to the wall. The joist that I am planning to use 20 ft long and consist of two 2x4 linked by metal plate, so it is not