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We’ve had our Drinkwell Original fountain for about three years now. Our cats love it so much that it’s the only thing they will drink out of. Last month we went on a weekend trip and forgot to top off the fountain before we left
Tempered glass is almost impossible to cut without shattering it after it's tempered, so you'd have to find a piece exactly the right size. And even then I don't know if it would withstand high temperatures -- in fact it may get hot enough to un-temp
Capacitor Failure Symptoms are sometime harder to identify without the right tools and expertise. Capacitors can be found in several different sizes and shapes. There may be one or multiple capacitors included in your ac with regards to the design
While it may not be the "right" thing to do, you can definitely connect them without creating too much of a weak point. Replacing them completely will look more streamlined and will be stronger. However, if it would be indefeasible to do so (it'd pra
Amperage, measured in amperes or amps, refers to the rate at which electricity moves through wires in an electrical circuit. In an.
Currently redoing our master bathroom, placing a shower where a tub used to be but also modifying the plumbing in the process to accommodate the new shower pan. I have two choices to route the new shower drain to, the old tub plumbing in purple or th
#3 The magnet trick! If you own an old house with plaster and lath walls you may have discovered how utterly useless a stud finder can be. Most smaller items can be hung pretty securely anywhere on the wall by screwing into the wood lath, but for hea
GFCI protection is a required safety measure for virtually all outlets close to water or in outdoor areas. The term stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, meaning it can detect an electrical fault (incorrect energy flow) and shut off power befo
My house was built in 1928, its an old Milwaukee bungalow. I have a small cantilever overhang in the front of my house. That area gets pretty cold in the winter, so I wanted to investigate insulating it
When you removed a clogged bathroom sink drain p-trap, you can install a new p-trap under your bathroom sink easy. If first time to install a new p-trap , Here’s a step-by-step User’s Manual & Owner’s Guide on how to install a new p-trap under yo