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In our upstairs bathroom we had a leak from the copper joint that connected the spigot. I cut a hole in the wet wall and fixed that issue. However now when we shower there nw a pears to be water seeping through the floor in the bathroom to the floor
The quest to find a long lasting garage floor paint that will stand up to use and abuse may finally be over. That’s right, we said it. There really is a durable concrete floor paint available that will last for years, not peel, and not develop the dr
Does that insulation go into the ground? In otherwords, is that exterior insulation for the basement foundation? If so, then it's pretty much useless at this point. It wasn't sealed properly and is likely waterlogged and providing minimal insulating
There are three basic types of light switches. The first is a simple, single light switch. The second is a 3-way switch that controls one lighting fixture from two locations
No. Well maybe it can, but it shouldn't. If you check the documentation that came with the washer, it should contain the maximum drain height
Abstract: Society has become increasingly dependent on electricity, so power system reliability is of crucial importance. However, while underinvestment leads to an unacceptable number of power outages, overinvestment will result in costs that are to
When faced with the possibility of installing a ceiling fan, many homeowners get a little nervous. Often times this is because of working with electricity. Luckily, installing a ceiling fan is one of the easiest home electrical jobs that you can do
Start by turning off the power at the breaker, and verifying it's off with a non-contact voltage tester. Connect all the bare or green grounding conductors together. Connect the white wire from the ceiling to the white wire on the input side of the r
When it comes to trouble shooting an electrical circuit one of the most simple tests is the continuity test. The name of.
We just purchased a house that's about 30 years old. On the first floor a water mark developed on the ceiling, so I've been debugging the upstairs plumbing. My kids' bathroom toilet had some moisture around the base, but I have a seven year old son w