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For a dry, mold-free finished basement floor, always install a vapor barrier before laying a wood subfloor or carpet pad. Any kind of persistent moisture will allow mold to get a foothold and soon ruin carpet or wood flooring. For below-grade slabs,
Collapsed window sills in brick wall I know that window sills have been discussed here in the past, but. .
Flickering is caused by a bad connection somewhere. It could be the bulb or socket that is bad (you did try a new bulb, right?), or it could be a bad connection anywhere along the line: at the fixture, switch, any electrical box along the way or a fa
Circuit Breaker A circuit breaker's function is, like a fuse, to break a circuit path when a predetermined amount of current is passed. In my opinion, circuit breakers should never be used to protect electronic devices such as radios, amplifiers or c
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Ok, you would need a cable connection in your room, coming up from the basement where the current cable connections are located. If you have a cable to your room, this should be straightforward. If for example you have your equipment connected to a t
InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Continuous blower unit fan operation guide: this article explains how and why to set your air conditioning or
Safety First Remember, when dealing with a heating agent, that fire is indeed hot, and you should take proper precautions. Good ideas: Wear eye protection, wear a respirator to avoid fume inhalation, wear gloves, tie back long hair, and don't wear lo
this is fun, this is straight up detective work, and i'm sure you can figure it out with some guidelines mike gives good advice, with the sniff test and such, but i think it might be easier another way. if it was laid out for a basement bathroom, whi
1) Longer Working Life: When the garage door is opened or closed, an extension spring gets fully stretched. Thus, it is subjected to more shearing stress, which reduces its working life. In comparison, the torsion spring arrangement only coils and un