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Paint It If your ceiling tiles are looking a little dingy but the ceiling grid is still in good shape, paint your tiles to add color to your ceiling. A basic coat of primer followed by a coat of paint will cover most light to medium tile stains. Use
One viewer asked if they could convert one of the two lamps in a double outdoor light into a socket? If all you want to do is to run Christmas lights that do not have a ground plug, you can simply screw in a two prong outlet into the light socket. If
I’ve been on a plumbing DIY kick lately, and after recently replacing a hot water recirculating pump that had been installed incorrectly (upside-down!) by a professional plumber, I’ve been reminded that it’s never a bad idea to periodically test thin
All Gauge measurements throughout this website are American Wire Gauge (AWG). Gauges stocked are highlighted below in bold. Diameter information in the table applies to solid wires only
Improve plantings around your house "Most heat that accumulates inside a house comes directly from the sun shining on to the roof or through windows, and heating the house directly," says John Krigger, owner of Saturn Resource Management, which offer
Concrete is a mixture of cement, rock aggregate, sand, and water. Cement by itself is very brittle, but when rocks and sand are added, a matrix is formed that strengthens the mix. The cement is like the glue, and it fills in the small space between t
We have a unit upstairs in a 4-plex. The other units don't have any issues, but hot water recently stopped working in this apartment. Rarely water might get hot or warm but goes cold again
A combi boiler is not really a new heating system but has been around for quite some time. However, the older models were known to be unreliable and there weren't many choices available to homeowners. However, because of technological advances there
The most popularly installed air conditioner (AC) is the window type, which is applicable for cooling or heating temperature inside an enclosed structure. It is a fixed unit and is not meant for carrying from one area to another. Considering this dra