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Context: I want to do stained concrete flooring throughout my house. The problem is, the concrete foundation of the original house and the foundation of an addition meet down the middle of my living room, forming a big unattractive crack. One of the
No, it's not safe to drill into something unidentified. White PVC is most commonly used for waste water (and vents, which are connected to the waste water lines but carry sewer gas to a vent the roof) and central vac. Schedule 20 is used for central
Let me preface the rest of this article by saying I am not a plumber and I hate plumbing-related issues. In all senses of the term, I'm your average homeowner that likes to try to DIY first, then call help if that fails, then hire a professional. The
Special Note for Concrete and Masonry Surfaces: Stone Veneer can be installed directly to clean, unpainted or unsealed brick, concrete block or poured concrete surfaces (interior or exterior) without requiring the use of metal lath. On previously coa
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An emergency would be if it was stuck on and you couldn't shut the gas off. This is an inconvenience. These look like simple electronic buttons
First of all: You will absolutely have to pull new wires for this, and it will involve opening the drywall in several places. You'll also have to patch the drywall after, and almost certainly repaint each wall you put a hole into. You may be able to
Was changing a regular outlet in the bathroom for a GFCI one and lost power in all bathrooms. Apparently, the breaker didn't trip but a GFCI outlet in the garage did. When I installed the GFCI in the bathroom and reset the GFCI in the garage the one
I'm about to get my ecobee3 and install it, and as a guy who likes data i'm curious about quantifying the change that the ecobee will have compared to my existing programmed thermostat. .