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Replacing a drain assembly on a bathroom sink isn't all that tough. Tool Dude Tony walks you through the process step-by-step in this episode of How to Fix Sh#t 101. Thankfully, there is no plumber's crack in this video
Apologies if this question is misplaced. I'm needing to know the required thickness of a glass viewing window when installed in a large plywood/steel constructed aquaculture tank (for a home / DIY aquaponics setup). The nominal measurements for the i
How a dehumidifier works is basically the same as an air conditioner. Both remove heat from the air. Cooling the air causes excess moisture to condense onto the cooling (evaporator) coils which must then be drained away
The best situation is to use the type of faucet made specifically for this application where there may be freezing exterior temperatures. The faucet is an assembly that has an almost standard looking external spigot but the valve handle connects to a
There are basically two types of wire tracer: audible frequency transmitter and receiver often used with telephone wires to detect them in floors, walls, etc. It is expected the receiver can be placed within a few inches of where the traced wire pote
If a faucet is dripping, or a toilet is running, or if a leak develops in a refrigerator ice maker or dishwasher or washing machine--or any appliance supplied by water, your first and best choice is to shut off the water right at that fixture or appl
Recently I’ve needed to look into the possible replacement of one of my smoke alarms and of a fire extinguisher. I quickly found very helpful information on the proper disposal of both of these. I’m sharing what I found below
OK, now you can breathe, and inhale deeply… you found us! Considering we breathe in and out about 15,000 times a day, it is essential, for our health, to breathe clean air. While the air is invisible, it is not always pure and clean. When we think ab
Regards to installing 1-30 amp circuit for both, No. Regards the 12 amps the D/W draws, that would be the load when the Heating Cycle is on. Not the motor
Learning how to grind a garage floor for an epoxy coating or paint hasn’t always been the easiest or most straight forward of projects for the average home owner. It frequently raises more questions than answers and can lead to frustration when tryin