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The Tank The big box-like thing on the back of the toilet, commonly known as the tank, houses the majority of the working parts of the toilet. The toilet tank generally consists of the handle, float ball, refill tube, overflow tube, fill valve (a. k
Any AC motor will run in the same direction no matter how you connect them, but for the sake of consistency you should respect the colour scheme, so the next guy (or you in some years) know what happened. Brown and Black colours are for active phase,
Assuming there are no other drain problems occurring (because you did not mention any) you most certainly have an obstruction of the branch drain line leading to that sink. Option 1- run a good quality drain auger down the drain, through the trap, an
The approach is usually progressive. You try a less aggressive cleaner to see if it works, and if not, then move on to a more aggressive. At some point, you may find that the cleaner damages the surface, so test in an inconspicuous area
To integrate your existing conventional doorbell into any existing Z-wave eco system, you have a variety of options to go about it. The method I chose was the easiest while requiring a little more hardware in terms of having to mess with timeouts, re
Drill. Using a high speed and the hammer function (if your drill has it), drill into the shallow hole you made in the previous step. You will need to use some force against the wall, especially if the drill is a low power one
We have designed this home ourselves. We are trying to combine elements of modern(the angles, sloped roofs), rustic(there will be rock around the bottom of the exterior), and farmhouse(there will be an exterior barn door that will slide in front of t
ANT706_IB_US_REVA. qxd Lightning Protection for Exterior Mounting Mount a grounding block (not supplied) as close as possible to the point where the downlead • enters the house. The downlead wire from the antenna to the grounding block and the mast g
The term plexiglass can be misleading because it is not really glass. It does look like glass, though, being transparent and clear, but it is actually hard plastic. More technically, plexiglass is a thermoplastic called polymethyl methacrylate
Your light and switch arrangement needs hot and neutral to function. You tapped it off the light switch in the bedroom, which only has hot and switched-hot (marked as white with black electrical tape). That is not a good place to get power