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The best solution you can arrange for 2-pair cables will be limited to 100 Mbits/second (or 10 times slower than the current most common standard wired ethernet speed. ) Rather than looking for an adapter (dubious at best - any you find will likely b
Assuming your switches are similar to the Leviton 1463 (wiring diagram taken from their site): Leviton 1463 wiring diagram http://www. leviton. com/OA_HTML/ibcGetAttachment
if the scratch goes into the wood, and you want an original like state again, you need to sand the finish off down to the wood, take a damp cloth and blot the scratch until the scratch is wet, and then take a clothes iron over it. The heat will pull
No, it's not easily changed. I strongly suspect that you'd be better off living with it white, or trading it for a black one, as any paint-based solution will be far inferior to actual colored glass in appearance and durability. The best possible pai
by Chris Woodford. Last updated: September 5, 2016. Is damp climbing up your walls
*Edited 11/27/16 – Make sure to check out our kitchen reveal (includes all the kitchen posts and lots of details!). *Edited 08/24/17 – See what we think about our open shelving in our Kitchen Updates – What we think about our Open Shelving in the Kit
Edit- (based on the comment "my ex-husband already laid the tiles without spacing for grout")I don't like to promote products, but I'm not aware of any other silane vinyl sealers, so try a product called Infuze. Here's the technical data sheet. Like
My dishwasher is 10 years old. It is only used intermittently, but I do try to run it at least once a week. There is an intermittent sewer-like odor, that seems to come and go