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I understand that you must have an electrical receptacle 6 feet from any obstruction or break in the wall, such as a doorway, and no more than 12 feet from the previous electrical receptacle. Does this require that the receptacle be accessible? In ot
If you are in the US, 14 AWG copper wire is allowed to be protected by a fuse or circuit breaker rated no larger than 15A, and 12 AWG wire at 20A. If the loads are continuous (greater than 3-hour operation), then they should be limited to 80% of thos
by cr0 Last Updated January 21, 2018 06:21 AM I'm wondering how combos of AFCI & GFCI protection on breakers and outlets affect overall circuit safety & performance. What I mean is, how do different combinations of GFCI and/or AFCI protection
There is a burning smell inside my clothes dryer after it runs. Does anyone know what that could be? Yes. Burning smells are a common indicator that something is burning
This varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It also depends on what kind of work and how much. In many locations, minor electrical work, in-kind plumbing replacement, interior construction that does not change the overall footprint or the
So I've been looking around and so far haven't found any answers to the query, although a few others with the same problem. The issue that I have is as a result of adding the contents of a plug-and-play generator resource pack to my generator (and be
I'm looking at an REO property that has been "winterized" and I am a little concerned about the conditions in the basement. There is roughly 3" of water ( ice ) in the basement. The furnace and hot water heater are on blocks so it did not reach them
Edit ArticleThree Methods:Prepare to drillDrill the steelClean upCommunity Q&A Steel is a valued commodity. Valued, in part, for its appearance, it also has great strength, durability, and applicability. It can be purely functional or decorative
bypass water filter how to on kitchenaid refrigerator. install your own whole house water filtration system bypass cartridge filter refrigerator samsung rf4287hars,house water filter fitting kit and softener bypass kenmore refrigerator electrolux for
It matters if there's mere overload but less than a short. 14 gauge wire cannot carry 20A safely. So why use 14 gauge? The answer is you are corralled into it by market forces: it makes for easier, faster, cheaper work