Allowing basement floor to breathe


The other answers hit the nail on the head--wood floors in basements or anywhere subject to moisture is generally a bad idea. I just wanted to add one more vinyl floor variant that you should consider for a basement installation if you are already considering a click-lock floor. I highly recommend loose lay vinyl tile. It is similar to click-lock vinyl flooring but has one key advantage:

You just lay down the planks (no adhesive required)and can lift them up at any point over the life of the floor. Though vinyl is very durable, this feature is very handy should you ever need to replace a tile or two as you don't have to dismantle the whole floor. Also, while both click-lock and loose lay are typically both very moisture resistant or waterproof, if you do have water trouble in the future, you can lift up the planks in the areas where some water has collected to let the floor air dry. Same goes for spilt milk, rather than getting it permanently wedged in the seams and...

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I love my Nature Stone flooring!!! We had it installed in our game room and outdoor porch. It’s beautiful and literally maintenance-free. Our neighbors loved it so much they had their porch covered with Nature Stone also. I EVEN RECEIVED A REFERRAL FEE! THANK YOU NATURE STONE!!!


It was a pleasure working with Nature Stone. Starting with the floor designer, to the men who put the floor down, to the top coat. Everyone was kind and polite and willing to answer all our questions. They all explained everything that was going to happen and it went the way they said. What a beautiful floor when they were done. I could not have chosen a better way to go. Again, thank you so much for the beautiful job. I love it.


Dear Nature Stone We saw your ad on TV and decided to call for an appointment. We were a little reluctant as we have had salesmen come to our home and didn’t have a pleasant experience. When we...

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Finished or unfinished, the basement is a bonus space with endless possibilities. Now that you’ve decided to put it to good use, what are the best flooring options for your basement?

Basements are a little more tricky than other parts of the house. While every room has its own set of challenges, the ones in the basement are probably the most challenging.


Well, for one reason, putting in the wrong flooring in the basement can affect your health. Especially if you spend a lot of time down there.

Mold and mildew love a place to grow and spread. And they thrive on natural materials.

So, floors like hardwoods are definitely out when it comes to basements.

Not only does dampness create the ideal environment for mold to grow, it can also rot or decay your floors. And anything else that you might have on top of them.

That is why it is important to get it right when you install a basement floor.

The good news is that there are...

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Whether you have moved into an existing home with a basement or you are in the process of building a brand new home, understanding how your basement was built can be helpful. Knowing what a floating basement floor is and why it is not a French Drain can be priceless.

The basement in its early history was little more than a cellar where the cold storage took place. Root cellars are for keeping food supplies at a low temperature and steady humidity. They keep food from freezing during the winter and keep food cool during the summer months to prevent spoilage.

When boilers replaced fireplaces for home heating, the basement was where the coal bin and heating plant for the home was located.

After World War II came to the development of large, mid-priced suburban homes and basements became easier to build. Big excavation machines like backhoes and front-end loaders made the job easier than the manpower required to excavate by hand.

The basement has become...

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Basement Subfloor

When choosing flooring options for basement rooms, carpet surfaces as one of the most popular choices, especially for basement family rooms, home theaters and guest rooms. Carpet adds comfort and warmth to basement rooms, can be easily installed and, if compared with some other popular flooring choices, it can be less expensive as well.

However, unlike any other area in the house, basement floors are prone to moisture. The slab, which is made of porous concrete, sits straight on top of dirt. Wet dirt.
Some of the ground moisture will always be infiltrating the slab, and during the rainy season the problem can get much worse.

That makes it very unsafe to place padding and carpet straight against the slab, because they will be soaking all that moisture and there is a huge potential for mold growth.
This is the reason why so many carpeted basements smell musty after a while, even though there are no visible leaks.


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Experts Agree: “Basement Ventilation Improves Air Quality, Reduces Pollutants!”

“40% of the air that we breathe in our homes comes up from the basement.” Yes, everyone in the house is breathing air that was once in the basement…that’s not good air!

A recent study indicated that foundation walls, due to their porous nature absorb 10-15 gallons of water vapor (or humidity) per day, which is responsible for up to 80% of the home’s indoor moisture, and can accelerate the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew as well as create allergies/asthma, attract bugs, spiders and pests.

The EZ Breathe will help improve the air quality by combating the natural “stack effect” (the law of physics that says warm air rises) in the home thereby allowing your homes existing heating and air conditioning system to address the basement as well. EZ Breathe creates a much needed path of escape for the dirty basement air and introduces the existing clean, dry air from upstairs to replace...

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Surprise! It’s all right to install virtually any type of flooring in your basement. Although hardwood should be avoided, homeowners have a plethora of other choices. Vinyl, ceramic tile, carpeting, linoleum, cork, laminate—all of these materials, and even some less common ones, can be successfully used as basement flooring.

Basement Flooring Challenges
If the good news is that you have a wide range of options, the bad news is that basements are the most challenging part of a house in which to install flooring. To complete your project, you may have to overcome an out-of-level subfloor, ceiling height issues, or, most likely of all, problematic moisture.

Moisture and high humidity
The vast majority of basements in America are constructed using concrete, one of the most durable materials available to home builders. One of concrete’s few weaknesses, however, is porousness, which means that it allows water vapor to enter the basement...

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Any wood in direct contact with the floor should be treated.
I did a little searching and here is a excerpt that should be what you're looking for.

"When choosing flooring for a basement and method of installation - keep in mind basement floors are not only cold because they are in contact with the ground, they are often damp as well. This moisture can penetrate the carpet, forming mold & mildew, loosen adhesive on floor tile, or warp wooden flooring.

We opted to install dimpled, gray plastic material that water cannot permeate. The dimples form air pockets under the flooring, which helps insulate and allows the concrete to "breathe" and dry. Any moisture in the air under the plastic will be vented toward the wall area and dries, not absorbed into floor coverings. You can install a laminate floor directly over. However, for carpet or vinyl tiles you will need to install 5/8" underlayment."

So treated plywood is not necessary if you use a moisture...

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Stud walls can be set right on top of your new DRIcore subfloor. Install your 2X4 walls directly on top of the DRIcore panels, measuring for a snug fit between the panels and ceiling. Once the walls are framed and in position, simply screw the bottom plates of the 2X4 wall to the DRIcore panels, using 2" wood screws.

To finish the anchoring process, we suggest pinning the bottom plate to the concrete floor using either 3" concrete nails or self-tapping concrete fasteners. Only minimal fastening to the concrete is required. For example, on an 8 foot length of wall, you would require only 2 fastening points (one at both ends). Again, only minimal fastening to concrete is required. Too many fastening points breaking through the polyethylene moisture barrier may defeat the moisture resistant benefit of the DRIcore subfloor system.

NOTE: If you are planning to use metal studs in place of wood, the base track for the studs should be affixed to the DRIcore panels with wood...

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Rubber flooring is one of the easiest to install and maintain.

Rubber flooring rolls and interlocking tiles offer quick and seamless installation.

Rubber flooring rolls can be ordered in custom-cut lengths.

A basement can be a scary place where oversized spiders, rabid rodents, rotting zombies, and thirsty vampires dwell. Most basements, however, are used to store long-forgotten exercise equipment, sentimental knickknacks, and family heirlooms. Your basement usually ends up being the room in your house that perpetually collects junk and miscellany.

A basement doesn’t need to be either of those things. Breathe some life into that old cellar with a little Do-It-Yourself remodeling! There are many basement flooring choices for homes, but rubber flooring for basements can be the key element you’ve been missing. Follow these easy suggestions to turn your inactive basement into a playroom, home gym, or workshop.

First, clear your basement of all storage...

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ModuTile is a USA manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles for basements and other home flooring needs. These tiles are quickly becoming a great basement flooring option because of their affordability and the fact that they are designed as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) product. The basement floor tiles are constructed using VCT compressed over high-impact polypropylene (read more below about material and construction).

This page is designed to provide answers to the most common questions asked about ModuTiles interlocking basement flooring. Below is a list of the features commonly asked about.

Easy Installation Mold Prevention Features Thermal Barrier Surface Design Options Affordability

Over time, we will continue to add to this page to answer any questions that customers may have asked that were not covered in the initial post. We will also provide links to more in depth answers to some of the features.

Easy Installation

ModuTile’s interlocking basement...

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Basement Waterproofing for a Healthy Home

Every home in America needs a heatthy basement. Over 40% of the air you breathe on the 1st floor of your home comes from your basement or crawl space through a natural occurrence called stack-effect. If your basement or crawl space is not healthy, then your home is not healthy. While a wet & damp basement or crawl space can create an unhealthy indoor riving environment, even a small corrective step can make a major difference in someone’s home or workplace.

GrateDrain Closed Basement Waterproofing System

The Grate Drain solves the most difficult basement water problems. Protect your basement with the most advanced technological water control system available today. The Grate Drain is designed with large dual-chambers that direct ground water from beneath the basement floor and the wall/footing joint to the sump liner. The Grate Drain’s ability to accept ground water through large passageways (punch holes) from either...

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Turn Your Basement Into A Beautiful Living Area

What Can Concrete Resurfacing Do For Your Family?

Covers ugly, uneven concrete surfaces Resists dampness, moisture and floods Has better insulation than carpets, vinyl, wood or tile Moisture can evaporate, allowing concrete to breathe naturally Give you lots of great color and texture choices Friendly for the environment Give you an FDA-approved surface

Stone flooring is the best floor covering for wet, humid or damp concrete floors, especially basements, laundry rooms and others that may be moisture prone. Epoxy stone flooring can permanently transform your basement into a beautiful living area. With many popular colors to choose from, you can create a look that will impress and look wonderful in your home.

Epoxy and stamped concrete flooring prevents the growth of mold and mildew, thereby promoting a healthier and cleaner environment inside your home.

Continue reading to see Stone Garage...

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Just for fun, I’ve rounded up ten oft-repeated statements that are either half-truths or outright falsehoods. I’m sure some readers will disagree with my conclusions; if you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to post a comment.

Green building myth #1. New York City is an environmental nightmare
This myth has been debunked many times, most recently by author David Owen, in his New Yorker article titled “Green Manhattan.” In fact, the average resident of Manhattan uses much less energy, and has a much smaller carbon footprintAmount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that a person, community, industry, or other entity contributes to the atmosphere through energy use, transportation, and other means. , than the average American. Compared to a resident of New York City, the average suburban American is wearing carbon clown shoes.

Owen wrote, “Most Americans, including most New Yorkers, think of New York City as an ecological nightmare, a wasteland of concrete...

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How does an E·Z Breathe System Work?

With the installation of E·Z Breathe ventilation system the proper amount of airflow is established in your home/building making the air cleaner and healthier to breath. The E·Z Breathe unit removes stale, damp, contaminated air from the lowest point in your home/building. No matter if you have a basement, crawlspace or slab floor the E·Z Breathe system will work for you.

By drawing the air from the lowest part of your home/building, E·Z Breathe eliminates bad air where it resides. Air that is holding moisture or contaminants is heavier than clean dry air. As a result, the damp, polluted air settles and builds up in the lowest part of your home/building. With the installation of an E·Z Breathe unit, this bad air is completely expelled from your home or building, never allowing for an unhealthy damaging build up.

The direct effect of both the air being expelled and the flow of air downward create an air exchange in the...

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A home garage or basement can be many things—a family recreation space, a workshop where you tinker with the home appliances, or maybe your own private home gym! Here at the Floor Mat Company we offer a wide selection of garage mats that are well suited to make these types of spaces more comfortable and functional. If you are anything like most American families, then you definitely want to take advantage of any and all space that is available within your home. Use our supple and supportive garage flooring to turn this forgotten space into nearly anything. Our mats are highly durable and can even aid in storage applications by providing a water resistant barrier that will protect treasured heirlooms as well as large expensive equipment. Yet another excellent quality of this particular matting option is the ease of installation and maintenance—whether you are setting down a single garage mat or more expansive flooring, our products will offer the perfect fit for your needs.

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