Questions about: aluminum

My clothes dryer's drum is made of aluminum rolled into a cylinder and welded together along a single seam. The weld has developed a crack approximately 1" long, and is opened by about 1/8th of an inch. The crack flexes on every rotation as it passes
Edit: You are looking for a 2x6 aluminum tube. This should be pretty much have the same physical properties as a pine 2x6 (which looks like what you have in the lower picture). In the upper picture, it looks like two 2x2s that are sandwiched together
I'm building a platform 22. 5-23. 5" high in a space 88" by 62-64", supports on three side but one free span side for a bed to slide out - the long side, of course
Some of the other answers here seem to miss the fact that you would use three of the A brackets in each corner to tie the three panels together. I am going to make the assumption that you are going to use nutplates & bolts to assemble the box, wi
if you want a brushed finish (like many aluminum panels) rub very lightly with a scotchbrite pad in the same direction as the grain you are trying to match. done!.
There seems to be a tendency for Myfords to be abused for milling. Is that because they have a suitable cross-slide or just because the owners are cheap/poor/starting out?Heres what mine was doing on Sunday:- There's a 10x48" 30INT Beaver milling mac
Rust, the most familiar example of corrosion Volcanic gases have accelerated the extensive corrosion of this abandoned mining machinery, rendering it almost unrecognizable Corrosion on exposed metal, including a bolt and nut Corrosion is a natural pr
Can I use my pegboard hangers on Wall Control Pegboard? Yes. Most of our panels are offered in a "combo" style which will accommodate standard 1/4 diameter traditional pegboard style hooks as well as our patented slotted pegboard "double offset" styl
I have a nice sheet aly I bought for my project. It is 2. 5~mm chequer plate that needs to be cut into 7 pieces (straight across the sheet, no curves needed), and I tried to cut it with a metal blade in a jigsaw - I only got