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My plan is to drywall its inside and outside faces, all the way down across the beam. Can I built it on the surface of the platform safely? I would prefer to avoid attaching the posts to the front of the beam because it would make drywalling more dif
This is something that you have minimal control over. Most electrical runs going horizontally are about 2 feet off the floor or very close to the ceiling. There are lots of reasons for this but one of the obvious ones is it limits the areas of concer
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I made a mistake with drilling a hole in the drywall. It's off by about 1/4-1/2 inch. The new hole will be really close to the old hole, or knowing my poor drilling skills, it will overlap the old hole
Pulling it out with long nose pliers is one option, but it often comes out in pieces if you do that. If you want to pull it out with a screw, you need to engage the screw enough to grip the plastic, but not enough to make it expand. This position may
To keep your toilet anchored securely, always use a closet flange secured tightly to the floor. The closet flange connects the waste pipe to the underside of your toilet bowl. It helps seal the two areas together so gases cannot escape and prevents t
Insert the screw into the bolt. Unlike the other two types of anchors, which require the anchor and the support screw to be installed separately, the molly bolt and screw are installed at the same time. Prepare the molly bolt by screwing the support
Goal: I'd like to install a wall mounted shelf system in my bedroom. It's composed of vertical wood rails that screw into the wall, and then shelves and cabinets are hung off of the rails. Background information and reference pictures: I've already i
So, I started with What type of screws and anchors are used for concrete? - but it's not particularly clear to me. I (hammer) drilled 5/32" holes into an exterior wall for 3/16" tapcon screws. These didn't hold
Here is a picture of the top of my uninsulated basement wall. The foundation is poured and from early 1970s. For orientation to the photo: the white in the lower left corner is the vertical face of the wall