Any concerns with running a camper with a 15 amp connector


When you need to keep your RV powered, electrical plugs do the trick. With a vast inventory of 30-amp RV plugs on eBay, you can enjoy lights, appliances, and so much more. The 30-amp has 120 volts with a three prong receptacle. It also contains a single 30-amp dedicated breaker. Made specifically for RVs, you can find both 30-amp male RV plugs and 30-amp female RV connectors. This ensures you have what you need to stay powered. You can even use a 30-amp connector in a 15-amp power source for more versatility as this allows you plug your RV into a regular outlet. Depending on where you travel, a 30-am plug may not always be available, so having an adapter to connect to a traditional power source ensures that you have a backup power source. The RV plugs are made from high-quality wires and contain safe housing, to ensure no electrical mishaps. Whether you are camping in the backyard, or hanging out in the middle of nowhere, 30-amp RV plugs come in handy.

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help 4,000 Watts Rated, 3,500 Starting Watts; Outlets: 4-120 volt outlets, 1-120V RV outlet, and 1-12 volt DC outlet for battery charging; Runs off of gasoline, 7.0 HP, 4 stroke OHV engine with low oil shutdown, 3600 RPM, 212cc; EPA approved; Runs for 10 hours on a full tank of gas (3.6 gal.) at 50% load, Decibel rating < 69 decibel; Recoil Start, Weight: 91 lbs.; Dimension: 23" (L) x 17.5" (W) x 19.5" (H); 1 Year Limited Warranty heart $ 949.00 S & H: see site

at Norwall PowerSystems

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We're a group of skiers and boarders from the San
Francisco Bay Area. Use this site to get together with
like-minded skiers and boarders, offer and find rides
up to Tahoe or other cool resorts, hear about travel
conditions, find good deals on season passes and gear,
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skiers. Unlike other sites, we shall always remain

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If you have several 12volt camp lights, each with their own switch around the camper trailer, it is very handy to have a central location to operate them from to avoid fumbling in the dark. While cigarette sockets & plugs are fine for what we use them for around camp, they do have a tendency to break contact through road vibration while driving. Hella/Merit style plugs & sockets or Anderson PowerPole & Multipole connectors are best suited in this situation as they provide a more positive fit.

bits & pieces

It seems whenever I do a 12volt project I need to run around to at least a half dozen shops, however in this case Jaycar had everything I required so it was just a one stop shop.

As the switch box is only going to be used to operate our LED lighting with a very low power draw, a cigarette plug with an inbuilt 3amp fuse was all that was needed.

You could set the box up as a 12volt power point to run your laptop...

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Husky Camper Jack - HT87247

Powered jack features a ball-bearing screw system that reduces noise and wear and operates more efficiently than standard screw systems. Automatic stop prevents damage to gears. Front and side LEDs offer nighttime visibility.


Electric jack with powered drive lets you lift and lower your trailer quickly and easily Low-friction ball screw minimizes resistance to reduce wear, noise and heat Ball bearings roll smoothly through threads - no direct, friction-inducing contact 30 Percent less power draw than typical screw systems Automatic stop prevents damage caused by hard stops and excessive pressureMotor is shut down before nut reaches end of shaft 3 Built-in LEDs illuminate area to front and sides of jack for superior nighttime visibilitySide lights ease weight-distribution hookup and disconnect Trailer connector storage bracket guards trailer wiring from the elements Drop leg allows for greater adjustability Large...
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On one of our earliest RV adventures, we learned the hard way about the importance of a battery isolator system. After our first night on the road, a chilly one where the furnace ran during the night, we found we couldn’t start the truck up. The RV had “stolen” power from the truck battery, leaving us wandering around with a set of jumper cables, looking for a hot jump.

Battery isolators do just what it sounds like: They isolate your RV “house” batteries from your vehicle’s SLI (starting-lighting-ignition) battery. Without such isolation, your house battery and SLI battery will seek to maintain the same charge level—and if that’s too low to start your rig, you’re left in the lurch. At the same time, the isolator allows your house batteries to charge up by drawing on your chassis or tow vehicle alternator.

It used to be there were just two kinds of isolators; now there are three. How can you choose what’s best for you?

Solenoid Type Isolators


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What is a bank of batteries? No, it's not some kind of financial battery establishment. A battery bank is the result of joining two or more batteries together for a single application. What does this accomplish? Well, by connecting batteries, you can increase the voltage or amperage, or both. When you need more power, instead of getting yourself a massive super tanker of a battery, you can construct a battery bank.

The first thing you need to know is that there are 2 ways to successfully connect two or more batteries. The first is Series and the second is Parallel. Lets start with Series

Series adds the voltage of the two batteries, but keeps the same amperage rating (also known as Amp Hours). For example, these two 6 Volt batteries joined in series now produce 12 Volts, but still have a total capacity of 10 Amps.

To connect batteries in a series, use a jumper wire to connect the negative terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal...

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