Any electrical power turn on while the kwh metre been reading could give you high electric consumption?

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Have you ever wondered how the utility company knows how much power you use each month? This basic article explains how it all works with an electric meter. To understand what is happening with power measurement, it is helpful to understand where the electricity comes from that powers your home and how an electrical system works. But basically, the utility company's service lines connect to the weatherhead on your house.

From there, service wires travel down through a pipe and connect to the utility's electric meter. This meter measures all of the electrical energy that passes through it on its way to being used in your house.

Types of Electric Meters

Older types of electric meters are mechanical and use a system of gears and wheels to record electricity consumption. Newer types are digital and use sensors the detect electrical power and record it in a memory device. Older meters have a clear glass dome, sort of like an oversized mason jar. Usually, there...

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Read the dials on your meter.

Read them from left to right, just as you would if you were reading a book or a set of numbers. Begin on the left, writing the numbers down as you go. After you mark a number for each dial across, you have the electric meter reading.

Do not let the direction of the numbers on each dial confuse you. Some of the dials will be numbered clockwise and other dials may be numbered counterclockwise. Look exactly where the arrow is pointing. If the arrow is pointing between 2 numbers, the reading is the smaller number. If the arrow is pointing directly on a number, verify what the number should be by referencing the dial to the right of it. If the arrow on that dial is past zero, the reading on the dial to the left is the number the arrow is pointing to. If the arrow on the right hand dial is not to or past the zero yet, the reading on the dial to the left is the previous...
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Why is my electric bill so high?

To figure out why your electric bill is "so high", the first thing you need to do is to

figure out what's normal

. If your bill has spiked recently that's easy: Just look at your old bills and see how much your usage has gone up. Look only at the amount of electricity you used in


. Don't look at the cost, because the cost could have gone up for other reasons, such as an increase in the price of electricity itself.

If your kWh usage is similar but the cost is now higher, then the answer as to why is on your bill. Maybe the price of electricity went up, or maybe your utility company has demand charges, or maybe you're being charged for some other city services besides electricity.

Maybe your bill hasn't gone up but you just think it's always been too high? In that case the first thing you can do is to compare your usage to what's normal. A typical American family uses 850 kWh per month, as we...

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SCAM WARNING. These "energy saver" devices usually are simply capacitors, and they don't save you any money. Typical KWH meters are not affected by adding a capacitor.

The scam works like so:

Many loads in your home are inductors (fridge motor, furnace fan) If you install a capacitor which has just the right value, the current in the power grid leading to your home is reduced. Con artists correctly claim that some energy somewhere is being saved. Con artists correctly claim that industry uses these capacitors to save money Con artist sneakily insinuates that this somehow saves YOU money As evidence, con artist supplies testimonials rather than basic lab test results.

So why doesn't this save you money? It's because, while motors do draw extra unnecessary current, the KWH meter on the side of your home is designed to ignore that extra current! Adding a capacitor doesn't change your electric bill.

So energy is really being saved, right? Yes: it's energy which...

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For those of you out there wanting to save electricity one of the formulas you will need to know is the formula to calculate your kWh usage or elecricity usage. This way you know what each device in your home is using. So you know where you can cut your costs in your home. The information found here will teach you what is a kilowatt hour, how to calculate kWh, convert watts to kWh, and more!

First of all kWh stands for Kilowatt Hours. This is usually what you will see on your electricity bill or electricity statement when you receive it. The electric comany knows how much electricity you are using by reading your kWh meter. You will also have the electricity cost per kWh listed on your electric bill so you know what each kWh is costing you.

A kilowatt hour is a measurment of how many kilowatts are used in a hour. Most electrical devices will have printed on them how many watts they are using, which it takes 1000 watts to equal 1 kilowatt. So a 1000 watt microwave oven...

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With the feel-good articles of the Weekend Edition behind us, it’s time to get back to some hard numbers and some moneymakin’.

After slicing your car expenses, which we’ve done a lot recently, one of the next big areas with room to simultaneously save money and preserve some clean breathing air is your electricity consumption. How much are you using? Where does it all go? Are there ways to cut the waste without cutting the actual amount of fun you have in your household?

The answer is a definite YES. Check the following out:

From the website of the US Department of Energy, we see that,
“In 2008, the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. household was 11,040 kWh, an average of 920 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. Tennessee had the highest annual consumption at 15,624 kWh and Maine the lowest at 6,252 kWh.”

“Meh”, you may say. “Those numbers don’t mean much to me”. Well how about this:
“A Hundred and Ten Bucks Per Month at a typical...

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We live in a 3BR townhouse. Our electricity usage spiked really dramatically in December, and it's stayed up in January. I cannot fathom what is causing such a spike, but I don't know a lot about electricity usage. Details below.

We're in Chicago, with ComEd, Integrys is the supplier. Our townhouse is all electric for everything, no gas service. It's an interior unit, so no windows on the sides, just front and back.

In May, June, July, August, September, October, and November, our kWh ranged between 720-990/month. Suddenly, in December, it jumped to a staggering 3191. I called ComEd and asked them to re-check the meter for error, since December wasn't that cold and we didn't have the thermostat set any higher, but they confirmed their reading was correct. I just got our January bill and it's even worse... 3386 kWh. Our electricity bills for the past two months are staggering. We can pay the bill, but some other things are going to be sliding until we're back in the...

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What if a gallon of gasoline cost $2 in the middle of the night, was free at lunch and set you back $8 in the afternoon? Welcome to the world of electric cars. If you buy one, the cost of a fill-up will largely depend on when and where you recharge it, not to mention the rates your utility company offers.

In the U.S., the cost of electricity varies far more than the cost of gasoline, from a kilowatt-hour average of 8.6 cents in Washington state to 37 cents in Hawaii. (A kilowatt-hour [kWh] is the amount of electrical energy consumed when 1,000 watts are used for one hour.) Depending on the availability of public charging, you might be able to recharge your electric vehicle (EV) for free during a lunch stop at the mall. But if the EV is going to be filled up at home, your rate could be much higher than the national average of 12 cents that the EPA uses on its fuel economy label for EVs.

Because of the variety of utility rates in the U.S., a 2013 Nissan Leaf that's a...

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There a many reasons why knowing how to read an electric meter can be a great skill to have. Several years ago we moved into a new house and after receiving one outrageous power bill after another, we decided to take matters into our own hands and figure out why the bill was so high. My husband decided that he would read the power usage meter every day and keep a journal of how many kilowatts of electricity we were using every day.

Our plan was initially to just identify the rogue appliance that was using so much electricity. Strangely enough, we weren’t able to find the culprit but what we did find might surprise you. When the next electricity bill came in the mail, Jeff quickly called the power company to find out exactly what day they came out and read the electric power meter. To our amazement, they weren’t actually coming out and reading the meter! They were estimating what it should read based upon the power usage of the people who were renting the house before we...

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3. Home Appliances

Power Consumption

Note: the indicated elecrical costing is using the triff rate of $0.30/kWh

Home Lightings

Energy saving LED and Fluorescent lamp

Check out the various energy saving lamps here.

Hot/Warm Water Dispenser

Model: Bio Pure (KEN2)

Standby power: 3.5W

Typical: 6.9W (wattage), 0.077A (current), 0.36PF (power factor)

Highest Wattage detected: 2256W

Low Wattage detected: 3.5W

AC indicator lamp

Hardly any wattage and current detected from the AC indicator lamp found on the multi socket adaptor..

Wireless Door Bell

Model: Sonik

Standby power is 1.2W

Even if the loud door bell ring is activated, the consumption still remains at 1.2W.

The door bell transmitter outside the door is using a battery.

Electric Fan


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