Any suggestions for repairs of nasty cracks in my walls and the door?


Getting rid of ants can sometimes take a fairly long time and its rather hard to find a source of information that will show you exactly how to free yourself from these pests naturally. In this article, I have taken some time to compile only the best methods and tips that will help you kill ants.

I am going to break down this guide into four sections. The first section is about stopping a army of ants (ant deterrents) from invading your home, the second one will discuss actual removal methods, the third will elaborate on preventive measures (two steps) and the last one will outline various tips and warnings for effective ant control. Please make sure you follow each step correctly to ensure the fastest removal at the highest success rate. If you enjoy the article, please share it with your friends so they can also benefit from the information. Ant control doesn’t need to be a hard task and this DIY guide will get you going in the right direction without incurring much cost....

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Ken Collier: Hello! My name is Ken Collier and I am an Editor at the Family Handyman Magazine, the leading brand for do-it-yourselfers. Before you paint, it's important to get your walls as smooth as you can. In this video, I am going to show you how to deal with one of the most common problems with walls, a crack that appears over a door or a window due to the gradual settling of the house over time.

The first thing I am going to do is I am going to mask off the woodwork above the door. Then I am going to use a screwdriver, a utility knife, even an old fashioned church key to open up the crack. The idea is to get down to sound drywall on both sides of the crack.

Our next step is to clean out the crack and remove the dust from the area. I am going to use a damp cloth, but you could use a brush or a vacuum cleaner. When the area is clean, we are going to apply a self adhesive fiber glass mesh tape. This will reinforce the joint and help prevent future cracks. With our...

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I've never considered myself a nosy person. No more nosy than the next guy. I just have what my Ma would call an unhealthy amount of curiosity. I was the kid who climbed to the top of the big oak in the back yard, just to see what was in the crows' nest. I was the kid who dug a hole in the back yard so deep that I hit groundwater because I was convinced there was a cave under our house, and I wanted to see it. To see.

My folks aren't dirt poor, but they're pretty close. They're part of that missing middle of America, the people who work forty hours a week until they die, with no savings to speak of. I got my first job at a horse stable when I was fourteen. It didn't last very long. I knew I needed to get a job, because I knew we needed the money, so I bounced around for the next few years, washing dishes, waiting tables, until I graduated high school.

Pop was really tough on me about college. He never went—nobody in his family had—so there were a few fights about...

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Our beloved washing machine has officially thrown in the towel
(sorry, I had to).

This machine has appeared in countless Clean My Space videos and posts and in its final wash, where it made enough noises to scare a burglar away, we just knew it was no longer going to be a part of our family. So, to honour the fine service this washer has provided us over the years – AND because it’s one of our MOST requested topics – AND because it’s a perfect spring cleaning job I’m going to show you how to thoroughly clean your washer and dryer before we bid adieu to our non-functioning friend.

And you’ll have to trust me on the maintenance thing, which I know seems bizarre now knowing that my machine is broken beyond repair. But, the machine is about 15 years old now, and we were just waiting for something like this to happen (clearly, because we wanted a real reason to get a new washer and dryer). It was somewhat maintained, but the repairman just said the bearings were worn...

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Learn how to apply oil and wax wood finishes.

Many woodworkers turn to oil and wax finishes for their first attempt at finishing, and for good reason. They are easy to apply, give almost foolproof results, require no applicators beyond a rag and leave wood looking both rich and natural. Turners especially love them because they adapt perfectly to finishing wood still turning on the lathe.

If there is one Achilles’ heel these popular finishes suffer from, it is their lack of durability. You would probably not choose a simple oil or wax finish for a bar top or kitchen table that will be assaulted with scratches, hot coffeepots or strong solvents, but they are perfect for bookcases, jewelry boxes, turnings, picture frames, blanket chests and a host of similar objects. While a wax finish can go on any type of wood, avoid putting oil (or Danish oil) on aromatic cedar or any of the dalbergia woods (rosewood, cocobolo, tulipwood). These woods contain an antioxidant that will...

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This is a follow up to a blog titled;

“How to Cash Your Home Owners Insurance Claim Check“

But it should really be just called Part II because since writing that post it I have received thousands of views, dozens of calls, emails and comments and complaints which for some reason are directed at me.

What’s ironic is that I wrote the post to save the time from needlessly repeating to people I know who were asking me that same question over and over again.

The Golden Rule; He Who has the Gold Makes the Rules

The simple one word answer is “MORTGAGE”. Because of this your lender can and will dictate to you how and when they disburse the money. They can because you gave them permission when you borrowed their money and pledged your property as collateral!

To be specific if you have a modern mortgage originated in say the past decade, the security instrument known as the mortgage and is also referred to here in North Carolina as a Deed of...

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