Anyone have any experience ordering slabs or wood?


I love my Downs LV planks.

It "clicks" in a few spots. The subfloor should be flat and smooth or you will get "clicks."

I use the hard floor setting on my vacuum. I've not tried to sweep it. I admit only my cleaning ladies have done the mopping on it so far. I will spot clean spills but for the most part it shows no dirt! LOL

It looks exactly as it did the day it was installed. It's had a lot of abuse this summer. Dogs, kids, wet dogs, wet kids, lots of furniture moved around and it still looks great. Just wish the dogs had more traction.

Cons: Dogs slip and slide on it.
It is not as slick as the previous wood floors though.

I would not put heavy appliances on a floating floor. If you don't follow the manufacturer's recommendations your warranty may be void.

I work in a lot of high end homes. I have not seen a single LVT product that looks better than mine. I do not live in a "high end" home.

I would recommend this flooring. I...

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You can use it, but if your experience is anything like mine, keying it to some degree in between coats will help you get a better end product for the two reasons mentioned above. That is, you get an idea where you are as you go along, and it's my (anecdotal) experience that you create a better (and more traditional) bond between coats. A light once over to scratch with a 3M pad makes life a lot easier in the brushing stages. If you take the time to do that, it works a good deal more like the regular stuff. You also get the opportunity to pull out gnats and goobers and keep that sense of starting with a good base every time. But you gain the benefit of not doing the full sanding routine each time and in many ways the job comes out cleaner. Just plan to let the thing rest after you have built a few coats. That is a good time to sand it back and start out fresh.

In this manner, you don't actually finish the job any faster than you would have using Epi clear, but you sand a great deal...

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2010 - 2013 Reviews

Hardwood flooring installer

March 2013

We bought Brazilian Cherry flooring to do a DIY project for our second story. With work and life commitments, we have only completed one room and are looking for someone that will install the remaining 1000 square feet. We would appreciate someone that will quote reasonable prices, be nice to work with and have a positive attitude. Thanks for any help. RK

Andrew Huerta is amazing. He's also cheaper than folks you'll find at some of the fancier stores. He did a finish-in-place in our home with a custom stain and it's absolutely amazing. Tell him that Leslie sent you. leslie

Call Vinny at T and T Flooring (510) 536-8333. Over the years, they worked on 2 of our houses and they do great work. My brother just had them refinish his floors and he's happy with the quality of their work. They also install floors. They are the first...

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One of many stories back when I was younger and dumber:

First time we went camping in western North Carolina I thought, "Wow! What a chance to make some personal contacts with local saw mills to buy from and possibly get lower prices than in south Florida."

Dummy me!

Found a great large band saw mill with huge kiln drying facilities and the whole works. Went up to the office and told them I was a Florida shop owner and looking for another supplier. They graciously gave me a complete tour of the facility.

I was drooling.

Upon leaving, the friendly manager gave me his card. Turned out this mill was one of many owned by McEwen Lumber Company who I certainly knew about and had a distribution center I occasionally frequented about 5 miles south of my shop.

Praise capitalism and vertical...

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If you do this, the only caution I would make would be to insulate the outside of the wall as well, to below the frost line and make sure you have good drainage away.

When I was doing home energy audits, I saw basements with stone, block or concrete, walls which had frost heaved. When they were built, the heat bleeding out through the foundation kept frost out of the ground around the building (usually from a big old wood furnace or more recently an oil furnace.) The the homeowner insulated the inside, without either taking care of drainage outside or regards to the structure itself. After two or three winters, rocks, blocks or even concrete slabs can displace an alarming amount.

I have seen the spray foam at work. I suspect you're talking about the two tank system with the hoses. The cost is high for the DIY kits, I would suggest you look into having a contractor do the application.
Regarding outside insulation for a stone foundation, foam boards...

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We now have wood floors in our dining room and kitchen. They look very nice - unfortunately, I am still very partial to REAL wood floors. These are only real for the top veneer.

Tips on installing THIS type (not the TrafficMaster laminate w/photo of wood).
We used existing vinyl flooring - nothing else for underlayment and it is just perfect, has cushion and uniform smooth surface. We had carpet as the previous flooring in the dining room - so we chose to build the underlayment up to the vinyl on the kitchen side. We used sheets of .375" luan - cheap and worked great. I also fixed one large uneven area with floor leveler and covered it with some plastice. Since we nailed down nearly every board using the angled stapler - not floating - everything feels very solid, like a hardwood floor should. Skip the underlayment designed for floating floors if you are going to nail down - it is overpriced an unnecessary for cushion. I guess if you want the vapor barrier you could use...

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