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Your model has a harvest timer. After a set freeze time, the timer should operate a hot gas reversing valve that will slightly warm the freeze surface and cause the cubes to eject by gravity. The timer or coil on the hot gas valve can fail
About two months ago, I purchased an Igloo cube freezer for my basement. I plugged it into a standard 120V grounded outlet and it turned on and ran apparently normally for a three weeks before I found that the freezer had turned off and all of the fo
Firstly, this is in France so we're talking 220V power. I've got two new single/individual induction hobs. They're both 2100W at full blast
It sounds like your air conditioner plug has a built in circuit breaker. If so, the breaker probably needs constant current to remain set, even when the unit is nominally off (a small trickle current is being used by the breaker and its light). If th
The absence of a range hood is the scourge of many a rental kitchen. With nothing to catch grease splatters and vent smoke, steam, and cooking smells out of the kitchen, renters often end up fighting sticky, filmy cabinets and an apartment that still
Before you call the service technician, reboot or reset your ice maker to get it working again after a brown out or. .
Setting up a wireless home network is pretty simple now. Get a wireless router, connect the Internet port of the router to your broadband modem and then connect any of the numbered LAN ports to the desktop computer through an Ethernet cable. Wireless
I have a brand new electric range that I am having a problem with and would appreciate some insights so that I can determine whether its the appliance or my electricity is at fault. When I turn on 2 or more burners on the stove-top or 1 burner and th