Are these doors installed correctly, and are they secure as they are?


With those rough opening sizes, I would have stepped up the door sizes a bit, 32" in a 34" r.o., and 38" in a 40" r.o. You need some space to plumb and level, but 4" is overkill. I tend to install the door as close as possible on the hinge side to the framing (shimming it out for plumb and possibly raising it a bit to keep the top level). I also use a few 3" screws through the hinges to reduce sagging, which also improves security. On the latch side, I shim behind the strike plate and dead bolt opening, and use 3" screws over there directly to the framing. Any door that doesn't have long screws into the framing is a higher risk for being kicked in, but that's honestly a majority of doors out there these days, security seems to be an upgrade.

For the jamb depth, if you can't find a door with the correct depth for your home, sometimes you can get a deeper jamb and cut it back with a table saw. But the easier solution is to get one a little too small and add a piece of filler...

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I’ve been hanging doors for over thirty-five years, and writing about it for nearly twenty-five. For many years, I approached door installs differently every time (like most carpenters). After all, there are so many steps, and there is a lot you need to watch for! It’s tough to do it the same way every time. But a door is a door is a door. Which means unless you’re doing exactly the same thing every time you install one, you’re wasting valuable energy and time.

In this article, I’ll break down door installation into the most important steps—the first five fasteners. But always prepare the opening before you attempt to set the jamb.

Prepare the Opening

Rough openings are exactly that—rough openings—especially today when framers often frame them more than 2 in. over the size of the door. And floors are almost always out of level, too. And walls are frequently cross-legged. Before you attempt to set a jamb, be sure to correct all those problems or they’ll...

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Several years ago keyless door locks started to become very popular with many residential consumers. With a large number of new keyless locks been added to the retail market in just the last few years alone, it appears these locks still continue to be a popular seller today.

The two biggest benefits many consumers seem to find with these keyless locks is they are more convenient to use & they provide a better feeling of security than what they acquire from a traditional keyed lock.

Many people find keyless door locks much easier to use than keyed locks. They also like the fact that they no longer have to worry about carrying or caring for their house keys every time they leave their homes.

Keyless locks prevents people from worrying or wondering if an unauthorized copy of their house key has been made at one time or another.

It also takes away the risk of an intruder discovering the hidden house key that so many people hide...

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Burglaries and other thefts can be devastating to a small business, not only in terms of property lost, but also in time and productivity wasted getting re-organised after a theft. Here are some of the best ways you can minimise the risks.

Having a security alarm system installed is an obvious advantage, but staff must be trained in making sure that the system is utilised correctly, and never left off when the office is empty. Ensure everybody knows the security code, keeps it safe, and is familiar with how the system works.

You should be aware at all times who is supposed to be on the grounds of your facilities. Anyone spotted that is unfamiliar should be asked why they are in the building, and what their reasons are. For larger organisations, name badges and tags may be necessary, make sure these are not left lying around or in a position where personal details can be obtained by outsiders.

Sales people and charity fundraisers coming into the premises to...

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Glass Block Windows

These windows are 3-inch thick break resistant windows that offer Thermal efficiency which enhances home security. They are weather tight and can help prevent mold growth and any moisture issues within your household. Glass block windows are installed by removing all the wood and metal associated with your existing window. The new window will be custom designed for your home and cemented to the foundation. This will keep your home security safe and free of bugs, rodents, and pests. Glass block windows can be installed with a dryer vent block, where you can vent your dryer out through the window, and the windows can also be installed solid glass block or center-vented. Basement Plus always recommends installing these windows with center-vents for ventilation purposes. Ask for information about our custom designed interior "Slate" window sills. These look great and add value to your home.

Custom Steel Window Well Covers

These custom...

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