Questions about: backsplash

Yesterday, I covered my timeline for getting the kitchen backsplash covered in subway tile. Tile that is still radiating all of those wonderful “damn, I look GOOD” vibes all over it. And as promised, here are the full DIY details I learned, tools I u
During a kitchen remodeling, if you have to remove the backsplash stainless steel is easier to remove than some other materials. A stainless steel backsplash can be one of three styles: tiles, stamped panels, or sheet material. A few basic tools are
Purchase all the supplies. Once you’re rolling on the project, you don’t want to have to stop to purchase more tile, thin-set mortar, or anything else, so purchase it all in advance. Consult with the tile vendor or a home improvement store regarding
Once pure silicone is cured there are no cleaners or solvents, that I'm aware of (maybe an acid), to remove or dissolve it. I've had very good success removing dried silicone that had not been applied carefully by "pushing" it off the surface. With y
Devoloped by James Hardie, Hardie board is a siding made of fiber cement. Cement is combined with sand, water and cellulose wood.