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A high water bill or wet spots in the yard are often the first indications of a slab leak. You could even come home one day and find water coming up from under the slab floor of your home. This is clearly the most obvious symptom of a slab leak
I have a 15x20 synthetic grass area and I want to put something "soft" around the edges for the kid. My plan is to use rubber paver: Like the 16x16 from Lowe's: http://www. lowes
I was digging up a bush stump so we can pour a concrete pad for a condensing unit. As I dug I uncovered the top of a metal object approximately 3-4ft long and 1. 5 feet wide
Typical of a condensate drain, I'd be surprised if you can't trace the thing back inside and see where it connects (run something stiff-but-flexible up the pipe and listen inside if not otherwise obvious. ) Might be from an A/C unit, a condensing fur
I would like to build the A-frame swing structure. One end of the beam attaches to the playhouse. The other end is the A-frame and I plan to use 4x8x12 treated lumber as the beam since I already bought one extra from previous project
We used the three-swing Pathfinder hardware package and wave slide from Backyard City (backyardcity. com; about $600), which had everything we needed for two swings, a trapeze bar, a sandbox, a 10-foot wave slide, and a ladder up to a canopy fort. Th
Are there any special tools required? You do not need a whole new set of tools to lay artificial grass. The only thing you absolutely need is a sharp knife (Stanley knife). Artificial grass is delivered in rectangular pieces which usually need to be
I've recently discovered that my mother in-law has a planter outside her kitchen window which is catching run off from her sink. There is a pool of water and a smell that can now be detected from the other side of the house. Not sure if its seeping i
and then install it as in the "red" box in this picture: Could I use the 4x6 bracket for 4x8 lumber? Or best, is there one bracket purposely built for 4x8 lumber? I could buy a new 4x6 for this but would rather use the existing 4x8 that already layin
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