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Hi guys! I have an update to a tip post from two years ago where I demonstrated how to remove baseboards without damaging your walls or trim. Well that became my OLD way. Now I remove baseboard with the Trim Puller! This post and giveaway is sponsore
I live in an apartment complex where my water baseboard heating is 100% controlled by the complex staff. This year has been particularly tough, as it's been very warm since winter started and even with 18+ inches of snow outside there's little relief
Molding is a decorative finish material, and should be installed as one of the last steps in the construction process. The molding should be installed after the floor covering, and should be adjusted any time the flooring is changed. Installing base
assuming you saw is square and true, thus, so are your joints, do the following (assuming its painted trim, and not finished wood) 1) make the joint. shim the top and/or bottom of each piece to get the corner to be tight top and bottom. glue and nail
It's a common problem. You finish installing a laminate floor and realize you have gaps between the flooring and the door casing. Even if you didn't do it yourself, you notice the gap and then you can't take your eyes off it
Electric baseboard heaters provide secondary heat source for primary HVAC systems. Or they can act as the primary heat for peripheral spaces like cabins, basements, or additions. Rarely are they used as the only heat source, except in some warmer cli
The radiator is at the heart of your car’s cooling system. This system directs radiator fluid or coolant around the engine’s cylinder heads and valves to absorb their heat and dissipate it safely using cooling fans. The radiator cools your engine and
There are a variety of reasons that this could happen from humidity levels in the home to cheap paint to mixing a primer with an improper top coat. However.
What is the keyword to use when looking for paint for baseboards. I am assuming that regardless of the color of the wall and the floor, the baseboard is always painted a pure "snow" white. (I am not sure why, but I'm happy with that
Baseboard molding is typically trimmed out against a wood or tile floor using a small molding called a base shoe. Example in the picture below. Due to minor variations in floor height or flooring material thickness over relatively short distances it