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The Basement Bathroom is a scary story from Korea about two men who clean office buildings at night.

A young man named Charlie got a new job with a cleaning company. He had to work all night cleaning office buildings after the executives had gone home. Because he was new to the job, he was being trained in by an old man named Zeke.

One night, Charlie and Zeke were cleaning the men’s bathroom in the basement of a big office complex. Suddenly, Charlie heard a loud scream coming from somewhere close by. He ran out of the bathroom into the hallway. The screams were coming from the women’s bathroom next door.

Charlie opened the door and looked inside. There was a young woman standing there, weeping and clutching herself. Her clothes were torn.

“Are you OK?” asked Charlie.

“Someone’s in the toilet!” she screamed. “He grabbed me!”

Zeke appeared at the door and said “Charlie, what the heck is going on?”

Suddenly, all the sinks in the...

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Adding a basement bathroom adds value to the home, but installing toilets and sinks in a belowgrade environment takes more than a basic knowledge of drainpipes and sewer lines. Transporting waste to the sewer run is challenging because the gravity assist that works for upstairs waste removal will work against waste flow belowgrade. Fortunately there are a number of options that fall into the DIY category. New plumbing must meet code requirements, however, so do some homework and consider a master plumber for final connections.

Belowground Water and Waste Pipes
For some homes, moving belowgrade bathroom waste to the sewer, septic, or sanitation line is not a challenge because their lines are deep enough for add-on fixtures to benefit from gravity-assisted disposal. A call to the public works department will determine general sewer-line depth. Information specific to a home’s septic lines should be readily available to the homeowner. Consult a plumber...

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Basement bathrooms improve the utility and value of your home, but installing a lower-level lavatory can present a few challenges. Here’s a look at the important considerations of a basement bathroom and a quick construction how-to.

Important Considerations

Planning ahead will help you communicate with your pros and ensure you stay on target and within budget. Use these details to help you organize your installation plans.

Design: Designing your new bathroom is a critical step of the construction process. In addition to determining the scope of your project, your bathroom design will also affect your licensing, permits and zoning. Building your new bathroom near existing utilities will reduce your workload and require fewer permits. If you can, place your basement bathroom below an existing first-story lavatory. This makes extending utilities easier.Drainage: Drainage is an important consideration when planning your basement bathroom. Above-ground plumbing...
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Basements gets bad raps from time to time, if built finished out or remodeled later on, they actually offer a wealth of extra living space for many purposes and activities. For instance, a media room, living room, wine cellar, wet bar, gym, office, playroom, man’s cave, laundry and guest room are all popular choices for basement spaces. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where basements are a commonly built element of most homes, you may just be sitting on a myriad of abundant new living possibilities!

Today, we will be showing you a couple of pictures of basement bathroom ideas that looks totally amazing! They differ in archetype, design, planning and inspiration – but we are sure that you will definitely love this list because of the cool things you can actually do with your basement if ever you decide on adding or creating a bathroom in the basement. Take a look at the pictures below and be astounded!

1. Armadale Project – Basement Bathroom & Laundry...

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I’ve always said that projects take double the time and double the budget (sometimes triple or quadruple).
Case in point.
Notice these pictures were posted last summer and I’m finally ready to post the reveal of our basement bathroom?

The toilet flushes, the water is hot, no leaks, we’re in business people!
Drum roll please…

Yep, you’ll notice we went with a vessel sink.
After much discussion and helpful input from many of you it seemed the majority were not fans.
Seems the consensus was beautiful,=yes. functional= no.

Well, hey, sometimes I have to learn things, first hand, the hard way.
However, after living with it for a few short months I’ve really had no complaints.
I haven’t noticed any more splashing or clean up issues than what I experience with a normal under-mount sink.

Next item of business…the vanity (or lack thereof). I...

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There are many ways to construct your new basement bathroom

Are you looking for a new basement bathroom but don’t quite know what you want and how you want it to look? Then you have come to exactly the right website.

We have put an effort into gathering all the relevant information about bathroom designs, tools and plans that you would ever need.

To make it easy for you to navigate the site we have created sections within each area, like basement bathrooms in general, bathroom tools, basement bathroom designs, bathroom furniture and much much more. But that is not all. Throughout the site you will find great offers and discount from our partner sites so be sure to check out what they have to offer. You’ll be able to save a lot of money if you keep your eyes open.

Finally we will be adding reviews of the different standard designs that are available and we’ll also be commenting on some of the more unique designs that we have seen.


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Adding a bathroom to basement areas not only makes your life a little easier, but it also boosts your property value. If you’ve turned your finished basement into a spare bedroom, game room or exercise room, a basement bathroom lets you enjoy that space without having to trudge upstairs when nature calls.

As smart as this home improvement project may seem, though, building a bathroom in the basement isn’t something to rush into. Several issues make belowground plumbing projects more complicated than those on upper floors. Address those issues before you start and you should go off without a hitch.

Even if you’ve built a bathroom in your home before, the added complexity of belowground plumbing means adding a bathroom to basement areas is a job best left to a plumbing professional. Still, getting familiar with the requirements of the project will make it easier to work with your contractor to create exactly the bathroom design you want. Knowing what adding a bathroom...

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[Summary]How to Install a Basement Bathroom Watch the full episode: Richard Trethewey shows how to rough-in the drainpipes for a basement bathroom. (See below for steps.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Ol


How to Install a Basement Bathroom

Watch the full episode:

Richard Trethewey shows how to rough-in the drainpipes for a basement bathroom. (See below for steps.)

Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel:

Steps for How to Install a Basement Bathroom:
1. Lay out the 2x4 bottom wall plates to establish the perimeter of the bathroom walls.
2. Measure off the wall plates to locate the center of the shower drain and toilet flange.
3. Dig a trench extending from the existing drainpipe over to the new locations of the shower drain and toilet...

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Basements often go ignored by homeowners and are never used to their full potential. However, a basement offers a vast number of opportunities for you and your family if you decide to finish your basement.

Many homeowners do not realize the potential that an unfinished basement has for them in both functionality and adding to the retail value of a home. Instead of putting an addition onto the house to create more space in your home, you can finish you basement instead. Whether your basement is finished or not, this room offers a large, quiet, and secluded space that has the potential to turn into any type of room.

There are many unfinished basement ideas that can help you decide on the perfect basement for your home. You can add extra bedrooms in your basement to adapt your house to your growing family.

A basement can also be turned into a playroom for your children, or a home theatre for your family to enjoy watching movies together. You can also turn your...

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The dark, oppressive basement of your house which you consider to be useless place can actually be converted into a lovely place to hang out with few innovative ideas. You can convert your basement into a home theatre, a bar or just a living room to hang around with your friends or enjoy a party with your friends on the weekend. Well, another important aspect to keep in mind while renovating your basement is to plan out a good bathroom area. Having a bathroom in your basement will make it a full-fledged place to live in. However, since basements usually have restricted space, your bathroom will have to be well planned. But this does not mean that your basement bathroom cannot be as stylish and welcoming as the regular bathroom. Mentioned below are few ideas for a basement bathroom which will throw light on some of the important aspects to take care of while designing a basement bathroom.

Ideas For A Basement Bathroom


The first thing on which...

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I think I had about 40 basement bathroom ideas floating around in my head prior to actually starting to finish the bathroom. Your basement bathroom is really a project within a project. You'll be working on finishing your basement, framing, electrical, and so on, then one day you'll start on your bathroom and you won't come out for like a month and half.

In this post we'll explore the 5 key elements of your basement bathroom design. Plus, I will tell you the 3 things I would change if I could build my basement bathroom all over again.

Here my basement bathroom floor plan design. I switched out the pedestal sink with a vanity. The dual side lighting near the sink is great idea. The closet on the lower left ended up being a great idea , we store extra paper towels, toilet paper, (aka stuff from Costco).

Did you know that most wolves mate for life? Well, that's going to be you and your basement bathroom. Forever intertwined. Your mission is to make it out of there...

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My basement bathroom was without a doubt the most fun, expensive and difficult aspect of my entire basement finishing effort.

I had one issue that took me months to solve, and almost caused me to quit the whole project. In the end it would have taken about 60 seconds to fix, if I just known where to look. Be sure to read through to the end of the post to find out the solution.

The bathroom provides a special challenge in that everything is in a small space and it's packed with special rules. Estimating the cost of a basement bathroom can be its own challenge.

Don't worry. You've got a friend whose done this before that will guide you through the process. Me! I'm just a guy who took some time to learn it and now I'm sharing it with the you.

It added about $500 to the cost of the basement bathroom but the tile looks fantastic and was fun to do. Here I had everything but the faucet and shower curtain installed.

As I did with the other phases of...

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