Basement door threshold minimum elevation


I have a basement that is only about an inch or less above the rear patio leading to it. The patio is below grade and its only water escape is a storm sewage drain in the center.

How can I reasonably waterproof my basement? I would like to avoid a step-sized threshold because it would involve stepping over when entering the basement and be an obstacle. If I just put an Azek board 3/4" thick under the door when installing it, will it effectively protect from water getting in? I understand the higher the threshold, the more water is needed in the patio 'pool' for it to flood inside, which becomes a hazard if the drain outside gets clogged. Essentially, any threshold height will start letting water in given enough flooding outside so nothing is 100% safe but I'm wondering if there is a conventional clearance or code requirement for how high above ground outside a (basement) threshold should...

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This mod will be coming to XBOX soon! If you see any version of this on before then, it was stolen, and I cannot guarantee its quality or safety for your game/saves. Thank you for your patience and support!


Ever wanted to take a break from the outside world, have a pause from the weather (and settlers?) Ever wanted to store your weapons, Power Armor, and other items in a secure space where they will be left alone? Look no further.

Basement Living adds 10 completely standalone basements & bunkers (interior cells) each with their own standalone workshops and craftable door hatches, allowing you to place/enter into them from any settlement you choose. They work just like Home Plate, so you can tear-down and decorate them however you like! This was done carefully, and methodically, and does not alter ANY existing...

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From a significant positive correlation between linear extensibility (LE) and the smectite content in the soil control section (SCS) of 8 soils (2 red soils, Alfisols, and 6 black soils, Vertisols, and their intergrades), the present study indicates an excellent compatibility between the marked shrink-well characteristics and the smectitic mineralogy. The initiation of vertic properties at LE of 6 in shrink-swell soils corresponded to a minimum threshold value of 20% smectite. In order to highlight the inherent relationship between vertic properties and the swelling minerals, the mineralogy class for shrink-swell soils in US Soil Taxonomy should be only smectitic. Statistical Data Included Smectite (Research)
Clay soils (Research)
Soil mineralogy (Research) Shirsath, S. K.
Bhattacharyya, T.
Pal, D. K. : Australian Journal of Soil Research : CSIRO Publishing : Academic :...
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Not every project I build comes out perfectly. As a matter of fact, I can’t recall too many that didn’t have at least one minor mistake. Of course, I mean something that no one else would notice, though some of you might. Without a doubt, I’ve never built a perfect pivot bookcase, but I’m getting a lot closer!

Even the bookcase in this article isn’t perfect. Each time I build one, I learn something new. After all, hidden bookcase doors are a lot more complicated than an ordinary door—there are a lot of variables, both in design and construction, especially on openings that have to swing out.

In this article, I’ll point out a few of the mistakes I made so hopefully you won’t make them—and maybe I won’t make them again. If you notice any others, please let me know. Hidden door bookcases aren’t easy to design or build, but they’re intriguing. Maybe one day we’ll all be able to build one that’s perfect in every way.

Hinges and Wheels

I’ve seen and...

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