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Bx Wire Uni Seal Ultra Gumwire Bx

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Nm Wiring - via via via via via via via via via via via via via via via...
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I am running a new circuit for my clothes dryer. The dryer was previously in a very difficult location, requiring awkward runs of exhaust pipe through the ceiling. I am moving the dryer to the location directly below the exhaust vent, so I can just do a straight single vertical run of dryer vent pipe.

The dryer was previously hardwired directly into a circuit breaker sub panel feeding from the main breaker box. A run of 10/3 NM already exists and feeds into this breaker box. For some reason, the dryer was previously hardwired directly into this breaker box as well. I've already rewired the dryer with a cord with a plug.

The wall the dryer will sit against is poured concrete and uneven, so I was planning to mount a board on the wall to provide a stable mounting surface for a 220v socket.

Since this is all in the basement though, I'd feel a lot better having the final run of this 10/3 cable be inside EMT conduit. I already have a plan for what to do, but I...

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What is EMT Conduit?

EMT conduit stands for electrical metallic tubing. As it’s name implies, it is a type of conduit that is made out of metal, typically coated steel or aluminum. EMT conduit is different from other types of metallic conduit such as GRC conduit (galvanized rigid conduit) or RMC conduit (rigid metal conduit) in it’s wall thinkness.

Because EMT conduit has thinner walls it is cheaper and lighter, making it preferred over GRC conduit, especially in large commercial or industrial electrical installations where even a small difference in price can mean a big overall saving.

EMT flexibility

Because of it’s thinner walls, EMT is more flexible than other rigid metallic conduits such as GRC and RMC. In spite of this, if your application requires bending other types of conduit are recommended over EMT, such as FMC conduit (flexible metallic conduit). EMT’s thin walls also make it easy to accidentally deform during moving or installation, so...

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