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A home inspection is cheap compared to fixing a potentially major problem down the road. I agree with getting a home inspection. They cost around $150 in my area
Something better? Get some oil-based paint from 1975. Related: How do you choose when to use oil vs latex paint? I'm just messing with you (they don't make real oil-based anymore), the problem is when you try to paint oil-based over latex, not when y
Laminate on Concreate Basement Floor. Do I need a subfloor? I'm about to start my first flooring project. I'm going to be installing laminate over my concrete basement floor
Chimney Removed, patching subfloor. . There is a non-structural chimney that was removed from my house (which no one is living in at the moment
by Chris Woodford. Last updated: September 5, 2016. Is damp climbing up your walls
Actually, the above statement is correct. I have installed many laminate floors over short pile carpet. If you think about it, when you install a foam under the laminate it's like short carpet
Builders use concrete as a building material for housing foundations because of its strength and durability. Once placed, a concrete slab will last the lifetime of your home, providing the solid basis for the entire structure. Unfortunately, even the
There have long been concerns that supplies of water stored in reservoirs and rock fractures deep underground are in danger of running dry as they are tapped for use by humans. But a new study that attempts to accurately estimate how much groundwater
When you discover water in your basement it is natural to think that you have a basement leak; that water is somehow finding its way through your foundation wall. When your basement is unfinished and there is water on the floor and no evidence of a l