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Sounds like dehumidification might be the answer. The cause of the dank "basement" smell, is high humidity. Removing moisture from the air is a side effect of refrigeration, which is why the air conditioner helps
With concrete, the concern is moisture. Any furring strips should be pressure treated, and I've also seen good suggestions to use the foam barrier that you would typically use under a sill plate as an extra defense, e. g
Sometimes concrete just doesn't cooperate. I'd say up to an inch out of play is the carpenter's job to deal with. Two and a half inches! is possibly a problem for lawyers
This insulated concrete form is cut away to show the inner structure of the formwork and the reinforcing bar (rebar). The cavity is filled with concrete to create the permanent wall. Insulating concrete form or insulated concrete form (ICF) is a syst
I've removed most of what's there (carpet, panel walls, old ceiling tiles, floor tile, etc) and am at a point where I need to prepare the basement for finishing. What do I need to do to the concrete floor and walls (and maybe the rest of the area) be
Got a wet basement waterproof it have you ever wondered where basement water seepage comes from basement water seeping is caused by a variety of issues and events basement water seepage dewatering systems central illinois peoria and waterproofing. Ta
I have asked a contractor (foundation/concrete guy) and he said he can put special mix of mortar at the corner at the end of that wall. My question is, what do you think causes the water in that section to accumulates? And do you think the contractor
Installing insulation in the wall cavities between the studs is necessary if you want your finished basement to feel warm. You have several choices in the type of insulation you choose. Friction fit fiberglass insulation with an R-value of about R-15
Whoever installed the existing washing machine in the basement was unable to extend one of the legs long enough to adjust for the slope in the concrete floor. So they took a piece of wood and stuck it under that corner. The washing machine is level a
I'd like to build a ramp for a lawn mower that is in the basement. The only way out is a set of stairs with a very little space to turn to them (that's why the ramp doesn't extend all the way to the ground). It'd be temporary placed over the stairs o