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In case of heavy rain or storm there are many things to prepare with basement window covers for the newly or old basement. If you are using the basement as living space it is more important than normal basement situation as you had spend lots of time
You may want to ask around in your local area, as if you're using some sort of bottled gas, you'll need to get resupplied, and whomever the gas supplier is could probably make recommendations. In the U. S, what I've typically seen is outdoor tanks th
The minimum height of the window is specified in code, and so is fairly standard. And is not typically influenced by the well dimensions. The bottom of the window must be within a specific height above the basement floor
I just purchased a house this weekend, and moved in yesterday. I live in MD (USA), and there just happened to be a torrential downpour yesterday after we moved in. I went downstairs to check my sump pumps, and then checked the door leading to by base
If you’ve recently learned about the existence of a household appliance referred to as a sump pump, you might be wondering how a sump pump works, and what it’s needed for. Sump pumps are needed to help protect basements from flooding. Since the basem
PicturesI have a new house under constructions and recently found many many cracks have developed on the concrete slab in the basement. The worst run along straight lines where the sections were poured. These don't have shrink seams in place, they ar
I've got a "crawl space" (really an unfinished space) under the main floor in a 2-story-with-basement house. I'd like to build essentially a deck frame and cover it in 3/4" plywood so that we can more easily use it as a storage area. Picture of the s
Horizontal cracking? That's odd, and I think that's unrelated to your moisture problem (even with a picture, I'm not sure I'd comment on that). Well, you've air sealed your house, which means that now you have to actually pay attention to the V in HV
Installing framing members on a slab requires use of a pressure treated bottom board to avoid wood rot. Concrete slabs will wick moisture between the underlying dirt base and the wood members sitting on top of the slab. If untreated wood is used for