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In theory, this will work just fine if you provide a way to collect the condensed water from the evaporator (the finned heat exchanger where the working fluid is evaporated to take heat from the "indoor" air). However, note that the more efficient wi
A Guide to Fixing Your Damp Basement The Clean Air Guide: How to Identify and Correct. Plants have a better growth rate response if the conditions change during different development stages. I've been keeping my longarms down there with a dehumidifie
I have basement columns that have rusted and split open. Do you think I need replace them? Thanks! Thanks a lot for the quick answer, there are five columns in my basement and three of them had split open. the other two had little rust
Most of us tend to regard the basement space as a dark area which can only be used for stocking things, which are not used frequently. Frankly speaking, this is only because, the area isn’t designed properly. You will be delighted to know that a wast
I am currently finishing a basement and it almost seems like you are describing mine! Slope, dimensions, and all. If money is no object then have this section leveled. Easy as that
Water will always win if you "fix" these from the inside. The correct, effective, and unfortunately expensive fix is to excavate outside and drain the water below wall level outside, then seal and drain the exterior of the wall to the exterior drain.
We're planning to carpet the basement in our 100-year-old house, which presently has a painted concrete floor. The floor happens to be quite uneven and seems to have been designed to channel water into a now-plugged drain. No water issues in the base
Builders use concrete as a building material for housing foundations because of its strength and durability. Once placed, a concrete slab will last the lifetime of your home, providing the solid basis for the entire structure. Unfortunately, even the
It sounds like you want to install a sump pump drain system so that the drain can be pumped overhead. I find that sump pumps generally last a few years.