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Why a bathroom sink won’t drain could have many causes ranging from stuff dropped into the drain if there is no popup stopper in place, to a clogged line deep in the wall. A very common stoppage that is found is hair packed around the bathroom sink p
My master bathroom did not previously have bathroom fan, but I installed one and have had wonderful results with keeping the steam from building up and exhausting the moist air. I am using both a fan and a roof vent that have pretty week metal flaps
Can ceramic tile be installed over my existing particle board?Because ceramic tile is rigid and somewhat brittle, a strong underlayment is the most important part of the ceramic tile installation. Interior-grade plywood and particle board are not a s
Artists Rendition of the Electric Bath as a tanning bed based on photos from a catalogue. The term Electric bath applies to numerous devices. These include: an early form of tanning bed, which was featured on the RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic,[1]SS Adriat
I read the question a bit different than Contractor Don, I think - ignoring the uneven walls, I read it tht the floor is out of level, so if you start tiling at the floor and work upwards the tiles will be out of level on every row. The thing to do w
@davidro1,I'm not concerned with the pop-up mechanism at all. I was concerned with the pop up housing being level with the drain line. I was worried that if water stayed in the pop up housing, that the housing might be prone to leaks (at the point wh
Please firstly excuse my stupidity if this is a simple matter. .
While trying to fix the slow faucet leak (which I did, just a bad gasket on the faucet head), I had to pull the entire sink cabinet off the wall. In the process of trying to put it back on the wall I broke the mounting hooks. I've tried finding a rep
DEAR TIM: We have a horrible odor coming from the shower drain in our acrylic shower. Five different plumbers have not been able to solve the problem. The first and fourth plumbers said nothing could be done, the second and third plumbers thought the