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Noticed lately that water drips from the bathroom exhaust fan or the joint around it? Don’t panic: there could be a lot of reasons for it, along with some easy fixes. For some of them, you might need a handyman or duct work specialist, but others are
As far as I am aware, my bathroom uses mains water pressure direct from the street, which goes through a gas boiler in my flat, although I do not know the water pressure. What I am concerned about, is whether these two showers mentioned will allow fo
In our upstairs bathroom we had a leak from the copper joint that connected the spigot. I cut a hole in the wet wall and fixed that issue. However now when we shower there nw a pears to be water seeping through the floor in the bathroom to the floor
If you have wood underlayment that has been water logged, you really should get rid of it. i would remove all layers of old flooring and underlayments down to the primary flooring. If the primary flooring is still wet, dry it and seal it with a prime
We would like to caulk our baseboards but I have a few questions first that maybe someone can answer: Backgroud: Single family home with partial finsihed basement. Painted molding, wood, pergo and tile floors throughout whole house including in the b
I wrote a blog back in June about the importance of exhaust fans and proper ventilation for your home bathroom. If you have family members in the house that are forgetful to even turn the exhaust fan on, you are not ventilating the bathroom at all, d
CBB18 / Abx courier service very poor 29/8 parcel untill now haven't send to my house. called jb branch always wll be send, and wll check with driver but at the end no reply and also parcel delay one day to one day. Always say parcel already bring ou
by Jeff Patterson We’ve all seen beautiful ceramic tile floors and admired their character. Who wouldn’t want a resilient surface that can stand the test of time? I prefer ceramic or porcelain tile in bathrooms. The floor can get wet and you don’t ne