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The ClaimBathroom paint is advertised as a special type of paint--different from ordinary interior house paint--that is designed for bathrooms only. The TruthThere really is no such thing as bathroom paint. It is simply paint with a collection of pro
Mom, you're fired! Actually, the only good thing is that the plaster locked the wires in their position so they wouldn't touch each other. However, you need to get them free, to be legal, & put Wire Nuts (little orange ones are perfect) on them &
Perhaps you are simply using all the hot water in the tank. After all, 3 gallons per minute is a fairly low flow, but will empty a 30 gallon tank in 10 minutes. To test this, measure how much water comes out of your shower
A spongy floor around the toilet is a strong indication that the subfloor has absorbed water. Peel back the flooring around the fixture and you will likely discover swollen, discolored wood -- a sure sign that the subfloor needs replacing. The job is
I get a surprising amount of traffic here on the blog from people searching for pictures of black tiles with black grout (or black pennyrounds, or just black bathroom floors in general), and a lot of those people then email me to ask about whether I
Responding to your Question & Comments. You're absolutely right. Get the old caulk out however & with whatever works
It's cheaper for a company to use in-house "off-the-shelf" parts instead of having multiple, specifically tooled assembly lines for each and every model of faucet. The "internal parts" are all likely to be the same. The extra manufacturing cost (we h
Features Types How to make your own hands? Features After a bathtub, and all installation work has been completed, you need to take care of the aesthetic side of the process. These include hiding from the eyes of water and sewage systems, which, in e
It depends on what you mean by "liability" I presume by the context your question that you mean "could I be responsible for obtaining permits for the work completed?" In that case the answer is no. Whoever did the work was responsible for obtaining p