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Claw foot tubs cost more than modern steel tubs by about one order of magnitude, but you sure do get what you pay for. A cast iron tub will survive being removed and installed multiple times, whereas a steel one might need to be replaced in your life
My house is a bit of a strange design. Although the living room appears to be an addition to the home, it was actually built at the same time as the rest of the house. Looking at the front of the house, the living room is the left 1/3 of the house an
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I think you have to talk to your tile guy and find out exactly what he is doing. I will assume you were talking about caulking the side of the tub and not the 2" gap? USG sells dry wall for damp locations and if it was properly sealed it wasn't an is
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The quality, care and attention to detail are second to none. Every project I have given them has come below budget, and above expectation. The work is flawless, I have no complaints about Frameless Shower Doors, from the customer service, to the del
by Hary Last Updated March 12, 2016 07:09 AM I have a motion sensor switch controlling bathroom light and a single pole switch controlling exhaust fan in the same box. I want to replace the motion sensor switch with a single pole switch. Below is a l
For bathrooms less than 100 square feet, determine the room’s CFM (cubic feet per minute, that's how they are rated in the U. S. ) requirements by measuring and multiplying the length, width and ceiling height of the room, then use the multiplication
Demonstration Mixing two masses of water at different temperatures to discuss thermal energy transfer. Apparatus and materials Plastic buckets, 2 Thermometer (demonstration or digital display) Domestic balance Supply of hot water and supply of cold w
Your question-asking and diagram are great! Unfortunately, i can't fully conceptualize it right now (too hungry), but I hope this post gives you helpful info re: wall height. Here's a pic of my parents' shower stall, which we designed together: I hat