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Professional Bathroom Caulking for A Great Price When you need a caulking service you can always depend on us to take care of it for you. If you want to hire caulking contractors who take pride in their work and care about doing a professional job th
The entire of my bathroom is covered in artex and I'm planning on tiling over all of this—the entire room, not just the bath/shower area. The texture of the artex is very slight and 90% is only =< 1mm. A few areas are about 2mm but no more than th
In the last three posts of this series I’ve shared the steps we took to prepare our wood subfloor for HardieBacker. You’re going to cross the finish line today. By the end of this tutorial you’ll know the proper thin set consistency to set the Hardie
The bathroom is one place you cannot escape moisture. Of course a shower itself is tons of moisture, but it also generates steam that can get into your ceilings and walls if they are not properly protected. Rugs on the floor outside of your shower ca
Old school: probably not, unless the guy who wired that ceiling was generous with the wire. Cool new tech: Yes. They make electronic switch controls which are designed to solve a different problem: "I want a light AND fan, but my bathroom is wired fo
Were this my project I'd cut off the fitting flush with the floor and find out exactly how close to normally the flange fits. The inside of elbow should be the same size as the inside of the pipe. If possible, I'd make slight adjustments to the flang
Angle Copper Bathroom Toilet Shower Blow Fed Spray Gun Nozzle Bidet Faucet Versatile Hardware Accessories Image is part of Standard Bathroom Sink Sizes Kkr Kitchen Size Large Of Modern Studio Carre Countertop Drawing White Granite Rectangle Simple Gr
So I have a mix of problems that I'm not sure how best to deal with since it could very well be multiple problems or just the one. We had a plumber replace the tub/shower faucet and the corresponding "insides. " Ever since then, when we turn the hot
Adding insulation between joists in crawlspace under house. My house has a crawlspace under it, and the floors get very cold in winter. What is the best way to insulate a crawlspace on a budget? -Margaret Hi Margaret, Having a crawl space under your