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The blinds are easy - translucent window privacy film is available, removable if you change your mind, and sticks to the glass, so that deals with the blinds. A shower door would be the obvious full-bore solution to the curtain. Curtain weights (or a
Enjoy longer showers with Camco’s ergonomically designed, handheld RV showerhead Handy on/off switch allows you to pause water flow while shampooing, greatly reducing the amount of water used This showerhead features 4 spray patterns from a drenching
I second @ChrisCudmore's recommendation of not using laminate in a wet environment. Consider choosing a flooring type that is less susceptible to degradation via moisture. That being said, the rule of thumb for determining plank width is to shoot for
Let me explain what I mean. Most googling leads to tub related setups, but my setups do not include tubs. Lately I have been seeing these diverters in many newer bathrooms(my own new one in SG, and one in India)
Edit- (based on the comment "my ex-husband already laid the tiles without spacing for grout")I don't like to promote products, but I'm not aware of any other silane vinyl sealers, so try a product called Infuze. Here's the technical data sheet. Like
My bathroom exhaust fan recently broke. When I went to replace it, I noticed that it wasn't being exhausted from the attic. I was about to make a separate hole in the nearest gable to exhaust the fan, but my wife asked if I could butt the exhaust pip
It isn't unsafe, it's just generally pointless. You aren't required to put your bathroom lights on a GFCI, just the outlets that you can plug equipment like the ancient hair dryer into. EDIT: I guess I glossed over the fact that the UL listing on the
Assuming that you can't fix this without removing and replacing the subfloor (I can't think of anyway to "do it right" without doing so but I'm not all knowing in that area). To cut out the subfloor, you can use your circular saw for all but the corn
John P. Bridge (11-23-2011) Expansion and Movement Joints in Tile Floors I can’t recall how many times people have told me they heard a loud “crack” in the night, and when they investigated they found that a large area of their tiled floor had lifted
I wake up one morning for work and I'm walking down my hallway and there were 10+ fly's on my light . I just stayed away from them because it creeped me. I took my son to school came back about an hour later they were gone