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Knowing how to apply caulk is an essential task that every builder must understand. However, caulking has many limitations that need to be understood to produce a nice looking aesthetic surface. This flexible material is essential to provide a transi
I'm about to build a tile counter top (or bench top as we call it here) for a new kitchen. I'm going to be using large porcelain floor tiles on top and thought I'd finish the edges with a nice native timber. The top I'm working on is the breakfast ba
With the recent hazy havoc everyone has to contend with, the need to get rid of bad smell from aircon must be on top of most Singapore households' list. The smoke coming in from neighbor Sumatra had caused uproar among its citizens and had also put m
Acetone, cloth, masking tape, silicone sealant, tape-border, liquid nails, small brush Degrease the surface which will be glued specialtape-border, with a cloth that has been soaked in acetone. After this treatment, and sealants and adhesives lie bet
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(Based in the UK) I am building a fence on top of a low wall by attaching 100mm fence posts to the brick wall and then attaching my fencing to the posts. My problem is this the fencing is quite heavy so the posts have to be sturdy. I was originally g
As Gozdan pauses near the middle of the paint maze, he points out how all this theory translates into reality. At a series of mock-ups of window frames coated with oil paint, he jabs a finger at stringy hairline cracks on some of the wood and deeper,
Toilet Time-extended Flush Valve Genearl Characteristic: Act on the flush vavel and revove the action, the water will flow out for about 3~5s, then close by itself. The time delay pin is adjustable within 10s. It depen
A wall receptacle is a location on a wall where an electrical appliance may be plugged in. The majority of receptacles have either two or three holes. The two-hole models accommodate an electrical plug with a live connection and a neutral connection;
At Aamsco Lighting, we help you make every room in your home inviting and cozy with our many different lighting solutions, and we know your bathroom shouldn't be any different. That's why we offer bathroom mirrors with LED lights. Available through w