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National Electrical Code is pretty clear on this, at least as of the 2014 version. It says that if the fixture is above the tub or shower, and within 8 ft. vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower threshold, the fixture must be rated for
I'm in the process of converting a 10'x11' bedroom into a master bathroom. I plan on removing the ceiling soon and it will be replaced when the drywallers come in a month or two. My question is, should I use some sort of a tarp or something to cover
The U bend or "P" trap below the sink may be plugged with hair and soap scum causing it to back up. when you flush the toilet the gurgling could be caused from the slight vacuum the water running down the pipe when you flush. The drain stopper in the
If you want to create a shower entrance without a curb this shower ramp will accomplish that goal quickly and easily without making a tile installation problem. Masonry & Glass Systems stocks the Wedi ADA compliant shower ramp for immediate shipm
Bathroom subfloors are no different that any other subfloor, with the exception that bathrooms are usually smaller and must be able to. .
SRFI 95 provides a sorting library. Many Scheme implementation also have sorting libraries built in, though not all of them conform to the SRFI 95 interface. If you need to write your own implementation (for homework, say), then you should use one of
We have sheet marmoleoum installed in the large common space of our complex. It gets heavy use including tables and chairs being dragged around, etc. Also in the heavy used laundry room (cleaning solution spills, machines moved, etc
With the application-specific arrangement of sensors in the backend area of wafer processing mask techniques are frequently required, which enable structuring of various layers without wet chemical or dry etching processes on the one hand as well as
The different types of Crock-Pot® replacement parts may include the internal stoneware, glass lid, and thermostat adjustment dial. Parts which cannot be found in replacement catalogs typically indicate that the entire model must be replaced. These pa
I'm planning to wall-mount a vintage 'Standard' victorian cast iron sink similar to the one in this question: Antique Cast Iron Sink Wall Mounting Support and Weight Issues?. That sink has two bolt points high on the sink through the porcelain; this