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Few things increase the resale value of your home like the alluring atmosphere of a stylish and relaxing bathroom retreat. Your bathing space can become a haven of style, artistic craftsmanship, or historic ambience. We can help you create a unique a
Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out. i dont think you have toilet issue, Try this. take a large bucket, like a paint or home depot orange bucket
by Michael Finley Because moisture is a bathrooms biggest enemy, you must vent the hot, moist air out of the bathroom. Without doing this paint will peel, doors will warp and you run the risk of mold. The first thing you should consider is a timer in
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HOW DEEP SHOULD MY WELL BE? This article, written by the American Ground Water Trust was originally published in THE AMERICAN WELL OWNER, 2002, Number 2] HOW DEEP SHOULD MY WELL BE? “How deep will the well be?” is a common question before drilling a
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One purpose for the vent is to remove lingering odors. Venting high has to do with peoples noses and, once upon a time, truly noxious gas; restrooms today are not as toxic as they once were. Still, if the gases are vented downward, they are less like
I'm in the UK. I believe this house was built in the late 90's. The bathroom (and toilet) both have ceiling fan vents with a plastic guard covering the vent
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