Blower shut off but the AC unit ran for 20-30 minutes afterward


Last night I turned my AC down a couple degrees before going to bed. The AC was running at the time, so when I set the temp below the current temp, the blower turned off. After getting in bed, however, I could still hear the hum of the AC unit outside. I went outside to be sure. From the thermostat I turned the blower to manual, and sure enough, cold air came from the vent. I turned the blower off, the AC continued to run...

I then turned the thermostat from 'cool' to off. Still, the AC kept running. I wan't really sure what to do because it was 11pm. I unplugged and plugged back in the thermostat. Still it continued running...

Eventually, maybe 20-30 minutes after initially adjusting the temp, the unit finally shut down. I turned the thermostat back to cool, now set to 78 degrees, well above the current temp. The next morning I turned the temp down, the systems came on as usual, and after a few minutes, shut down as usual -- twice before I left for work.


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Ok my ac blower motor started to make a noise the other night and the next morning it wasn't blowing the air. The compressor outside was running but the blower just won't push the air. After waiting a few hours I turn the unit back on and the blower motor makes the same noise and runs for about five minutes then it sounds like a switch is turning it off or tripping it. Now the other day before the night it made the noise the ac drain tube filled up and leaked on the floor, it doesn't drain right it has to be manually drained every year or so and I just forgot. There is a metal box that looks like a capacitor to me with 2 brown wires coming out of it and going into the blower, and a red and blue wire coming from the blower to nothing, they r just laying on the ground and two black power wires wire-tied to black and white wires going into the blower motor.these were all exposed to water while the unit was running for at least a half of a day before I caught it. Btw when I was...

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Ac Unit Troubleshooting

ac unit troubleshooting

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting, Before You Call The Repairman ... Before you make that call, try this basic air conditioner troubleshooting guide. This guide will help you to diagnose problems with your typical ducted split type air conditioner. A typical repairman will cost you about one hundred dollars per hour. With a few household tools and a little bit of knowledge, you can do it yourself and save that money. (You provide the tools and we will help with the knowledge part.)You should ensure that the routine maintenance has been performed on the unit. If the air filter has not been changed in the past month, check to see if it is dirty.Begin your air conditioner troubleshooting at the thermostat by ensuring that the thermostat is on cool and that it is set lower than actual room temperature. This is to ensure that there really is a problem. It may seem silly but that is the first thing a repairman will check and you...

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I figured out the problem and solution thanks to a guy from Minesota on AltimaForums. Net! We did exactly what he said and now we have heat any time we want it! The radio only works when it wants now - but we know how to fix that. Just have to buy new relay - they are about $30.
Here is a copy/paste of the helpful text from the discussion thread:

Hi, I was able to fix the problem, the blower motor works great now. Here's what I did. That relay is located in the instrumental panel fuse box ( behind the fuse box). Remove the cover for the fuse box, you'll see the fuses, unscrew one screw next to it, and there's one more screw to be removed, remove the panel below the steering wheel, it's very easy - just pull it down. Now you have easy access to fuse box, on the other side of the box there are 4 blue identical relays ( part number ends on 42. There's about 10 digits number). Relays are located like this. *__**__* ( relay1, space, relay 2 relay3, space, relay 4)....

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There are few routine household maintenance chores that pay off more than keeping a maintenance schedule for your air conditioning unit. Not only will you give yourself the best chance at staying cool all summer and avoiding emergency breakdowns, but you’ll also save money on your energy bills.

A well maintained AC unit will run more efficiently, use less energy, and cost less money to run. A properly maintained system will also last longer before needing to be replaced.

Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

It should be noted that there are some tasks that can be done by the average homeowner, but others should not be performed by anyone who doesn’t have the proper training and a license.

If at any time you are uncomfortable with performing maintenance tasks yourself, never hesitate to call on a professional to do it for you. Always observe safety precautions; and before you perform any work on your outdoor unit, ALWAYS shut down the power...

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You really need to do at least the basic Delta-T, before moving on to other things if it's 15-19 degrees, then your system is probably not leaking. Then airflow would be next, a good tech will have a little meter that he can measure airflow with.

I have to relate this, but I doubt it's your issue. Got tired of high bills back in VA and bought a digital stat as a first step. Unfortunately I bought a cheap programmable stat (what did I know?). Put it on, put in some minor setbacks for while at work and thought great, next month will be better. Not only wasn't better, was higher and the house wasn't as comfortable. Took the setbacks out, but it still wouldn't kick on until the sun was fully up around 10 AM and the A/C would run constantly til 7PM.

Called a tech and as soon as he saw the stat, he said I think I know your problem. Gave me a list of better stats, checked airflow and Delta T and said those looked fine. New stat, I could set the temp and the setbacks and the bill was...

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[HVAC] AC always runs after thermostat replaced, never shuts off

I replaced my old mercury type thermostat with a new programmable Honeywell RTH2300. Soon after I realized that when the desired set temperature was reached, the unit will still continue to run. Always. Also sliding the "cool" switch to off makes no difference. My ac runs and never shuts off. (The actual compressor runs, not just the fan).

I only had 2 wires to begin with. Red and white. After pulling my hair out a quick call to Honeywell had me switch the red wire to R )removing the existing jumper) and the W wire to Y. (I had previously had R to R and W to W with a jumper factory installed between R and Rh). But this didn't make a difference. Finally, they had me pull the thermostat from the wall but it didn't matter, my system is always on and can only be shut off from the breaker. Touching the 2 thermostat wires together and pulling them back apart does nothing. Honeywell told me the problem lies...

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The Blower motor on my AC unit turns off at random times while the outside unit continues to run which is causing the coil to freeze up. The blower won't come on for 30-45 minutes after the AC has been turned off, but after that it seems to turn back on fine. I have been trying to track the problem down for the last couple months, but it literally only happens every 2 or 3 weeks.

Last night it stopped again and I tried to just turn the fan (from the thermostat) on without luck. I took a look at the blower and it seemed to turn just fine. I put my hand on the back of the fan motor and it wasn't hot to the touch.

About 45 minutes after it turned off the blower came back and it was working normally. What could be causing this...

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