Blue LED always on with led light strip


You will need a ohmmeter. Disconnect the IR Controller (the white box with white wires). If you check the the voltage drop (in the connector of the white wire) between the Positive (+) and the different wires. If you find that they all respond to commands from the remote... except for the port for the blue wire (which controls the blue light), then the problem might be with the remote or the receiver. Again, if the "blue port" always reads 12VDC (despite trying to turn it off), then the problem is with either the remote or the receiver (and not the strip).

However if it does turn on and off upon command, then there must be a short in the strip or connectors (powering the blue wires).

If you look carefully along the strip you might be able to see where the short is (often looks like a burned/discolored spot (or a discolored LED). If you bought the non-waterproof strip, then you might find some debris or dried soda or something on the strip. Or if you have the...

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What do the numbers mean (5050, 3528, 3014, etc.)? These number correlate to the size of the

SMD LED chip

sizes in millimeters.


An LED Strip Light (also known as an LED tape or ribbon light) is a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) that usually comes with an adhesive backing. Traditionally, strip lights had been used solely in accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications. Recent developments in increased luminous efficacy and longer lifespans have allowed LED strip lights to be used in applications such as high brightness task lighting, fluorescent and halogen lighting fixture replacements, indirect lighting applications, Ultra Violet inspection during manufacturing processes, set and costume design, and even growing plants.[2]

Variables in strip lighting consist of colour, adhesives, and water resistance. Common chip placement within the tape allows light to emit away...

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Ok so here is my circuit. Things to note: I am doing this on strip board. I am wiring two separate LED strip circuits running off of the Arduino onto the stripboard, so the red X's are where I broke the tracks. The emitters of all the transistors is the common ground, so I didn't break that strip. Sorry if this is kinda confusing with wires being everywhere. Every other color and everything works except the blue which I have notated. And yes if i swap the blue led for the red led, the red one stays lit permanently . I have replaced the transistor twice and the resistor once... its gotta be a wiring issue, but I have gone over this circuit so many times now and I see nothing wrong...

thank you so muchh for any helpp. i can take more pictures too, and explain what is going on if it is confusing.

I am going directly off of this diagram from the adafruit RGB strip...

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You just returned from the hardware store with big dreams and an armload of LED strip lights. You open up all of the packages and — what the heck? How do these things work? How do you turn them on?

Welcome to the World of LED Drivers

LED lights need a special device called an LED driver in order to turn on and operate. LED drivers perform a similar function to what a ballast does for fluorescent light bulbs. The driver processes line voltage into power suitable for the operation of an LED. In addition, because LED electrical properties change with temperature fluctuations, the driver regulates and maintains a constant amount of current.

What Do LED Drivers Do?

LED drivers serve three main purposes:

Most households use 120-277V AC electricity, but LEDs operate on low voltage DC electricity. Thus, the driver changes the higher voltage AC current into the lower voltage DC current to match what the LED lights need to operate. The input voltage to...
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Best LED Strip Lights Online

Chinavasion stocks the best collection of LED strip lighting solutions from China. All products are sourced direct from advanced factories, delivering products that pas our Western quality QC requirements.

Wholesale RGB LED Strips

Many of our top quality RGB LED strips have color changing features allowing it to brighten up spaces the way you like. Our RGB LED lighting products with a controller allowing you to easily select the color you want with a press of the button.

Waterproof LED Strips

One key feature that makes our ambiance products versatile is the fact that many can withstand immersion of water. Our waterproof LED light strips come with a IP rating which makes them great for outdoor use. Whether you want to decorate your outdoor ambiance at home, clubs, pubs or shops, Chinvasion's strip outdoor LED strip lights will be a game changer. Browse our products above, and get your outdoor LED strip lighting...

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A wide range of LED tape projects

You can use flexible LED tape almost anywhere. LEDs have a wide variety of applications from commercial applications to domestic – from hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants to kitchen LED strip lights and bathroom LED lights in the home. They’re great for covings, plinths, signage,’working light’ and more. And if you’re looking for a simple way to install lights under your kitchen cabinets or install cupboard lights (which can often be too small and too difficult to access for other types of lighting), then LED tape is the best solution.

We supply outside LED lights too.

Here is a video showing you just a handful of installations using InStyle’s LED strip lights.

How long are InStyle’s LED tape reels?

Our LED strip lights are manufactured in 5-metre reels as standard. However, you can also order your LED tapes pre-cut to the exact lengths you require.

So if you only require 1.75 metres, for example,...

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LED strip lights are one of the most popular LED lighting products for their wide range of applicability and...

decorative look. The LED strip, ribbon, tape, rope or string as well as LED modules can be used for decorative, edge, cabinet, shelf, main or task lighting. OurLED strip lights run at 12V and are available in various sizes and colours. Themain LED strip types are the following:

The 3528 SMD power LED strip lights are perfect for decorativelighting, shaping any moulds or figures in any sizes, edge lighting, cabinet orshelf lighting or use it even in kitchens, bathrooms or in gardens excellentfor both indoor and outdoor use. Choose from seven different colours of LED striplights.

With our 5050 SMD LED strip lights you can create bright locallighting like cabinet lighting to illuminate worktops, shop windows,cabinets, etc. This is our brighter version of LED strip, due to the biggersize of the LEDs included. It is also available in colour-changing,...

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Using the proper tools is essential when using LED Products, visit this tutorial for an overview on what tools you will need to set up your LED Project as well as troubleshooting techniques to help you solve any improper installation techniques.

When purchasing LED Lighting products it is a common question of what size power supply is needed to run a given amount of LED components. Visit this tutorial to learn more about how to properly calculate the correct size power supply for your project.

Click here to learn how to make your single color LED Lights function properly without damaging the product by improper installation. Also find reference to the different colored DC wires on the market and what polarity they typically stand for.

Confused about what products you need for your project or what components will work best with one another? Click here for a complete tutorial from start to finish on what components and products will work best for your...

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