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My wife just bought a lamp at Target, the kind you have to self assemble the rod from 4 hollow pipes and a base, where the electrical wire is already threaded through all of them. Each of the 4 sections screws into the one below it, and finally the b
How to Hanging a Heavy Mirror on Drywall – A mirror can improve the look and size of a quarter, creating a reflection that makes a smaller space seem more expansive. Similar to hang any heavy object on drywall, serious damage can occur if the mirror
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Spoiler alert: The puzzle is answered in the update at the end of this post. Most solids expand when heated and contract when cooled. Water/ice is anomalous in that it expands when cooled, at least near its freezing point
Some deadbolt makers, such as Schlage and Arrow, have deadbolts that don't require a 2 1/8 inch hole. In both cases, there is a ring that can be left out so the deadbolt will fit over a non-standard hole, but security is somewhat compromised because
[PB] Lumberator - Timber Farming ProfileI made this profile knowing it was flawed and i didn't have the knowledge to fix all the issues myself until there was a better alternative. Scarecrow2 has been working on a plugin for Timber you can find it he
Both are good and functional. It probably boils down to preference, at the end of the day. Bit holder: +uses cheaper 1" bits +over time, you'll probably acquire bit sets that include a bunch of 1" bits, so there's a good place to use them +for obscur
I’m a great fan of kitchen gadgets, especially those I don’t have to plug in. I would be lost without my whisks, granny fork, instant-read thermometer and nut grinder. What’s a nut grinder? It’s a rotary hand-cranked device you clamp to the side of a