Bostitch BN 125BN nail gun that won't fire


Turn the nail gun so that the metal nozzle of the air coupling is pointed up. Drop three drops of tool oil into the nozzle.

Release the catch on the bottom of the nail clip, located along the front edge of the gun, below the nail plunger, by depressing the spring loaded catch. The clip will slide open. Place the brad nails into the clip with the chisel tips pointed toward the front of the gun, firmly seated in the grooves of the clip with the tips running against the front edge of the clip. Push the bottom of the clip up firmly, until the catch latches.

Pull back on the brass ring on the quick coupling of your air hose. Insert the nail gun's nozzle into the fitting and release the ring, locking it in place.

Check the compressor's pressure gauge settings and adjust if needed to meet the requirements of the gun, between 110 and 140 psi. Turn the compressor on and allow the tank to fill. When it has reached the desired pressure, the compressor will switch...

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